CVM Extreme...similar to...BSN.....

  1. CVM Extreme...similar to...BSN.....

    Im looking at CVM Extreme from SNS and appears to be very similar to BSN No-xplode except for the added CEE.

    Prices between the two are both range of each other as well.

    Any thoughts?


  2. Link?

  3. Looks pretty good but it's just a creatine product whereas NO Explode is creatine and nitric oxide activators.

    Might be worth combining this product with BSN Nitrix?

  4. no xplode has 100mg per scoop. cvm doesnt have any caffeine but the ingredient profile is superior in my opinion. if u wanted u could always just take a caffeine pill with it

  5. b180

    that is my opinion as well.

    we will see - i just got a tub of no-xplode last week and starting it today as the reviews i have been hearing are very positive - but higher priced.

    cvm looks pretty solid combining the various creatines.


  6. Been using it for 3 weeks now, good product, good pumps, good endurance. I've used No-explode and Superpump. V-12, Swole ect. This ranks up there. No big energy rush from it but no super-poops either


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