Superdol vs. Halodrol etc............

  1. Superdol vs. Halodrol etc............

    I am just curious how Superdrol compares to other supplements. I absolutely loved M1T. Sad to see it gone. Opinions???? I don't feel like paying the outrageous prices for Halodrol. I just want to know how Superdrol stacks up against whats out there. Thanks.

  2. You also have the option of Methyl-Drol. I wouldn't suggest either Md or SD if you are under 21. These aren't really supplements, they are PHs and nothing to toy around with. Gains are solid as hell on SD and there have been few non-responders. Do you research before you make any decision.

  3. they are actua;;y not even pro hormones they are flat out steroids sir. but its true you shouldnt even contemplate usage till your 21.

    for the question at hand you should know there is alot more then just superdrol and h_50 out there man. h-50 is getting great reveiws andall but i really havent seen any huge numbers yet from trusted sources. like 7 lbs a cycle. you wont get the same type of gains from SD and much of the others that you were used to with M1Teither. in fact i like these new ones better. weight goes on cleaner typically, alot less water weight and fat and the gains are easier to keep. id look into all the new ones and do some of your own research asking questions as you go to decide what interesets you most, thats what this site is for. try looking up max lmg, emax (ergomax-lmg), PP (phera-plex), prostanozol, finigen x, methoxy trn, along with your halodrol and SD. good luck and happy hunting.

    ps i prefer phera plex

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