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  1. Natural Test Boosters

    I'm 17 years old and I'm 5' 8". The norm for males in my family is 6'-6' 4". I feel that I am deficient in testosterone production. I have looked up symptoms on the net and I have most of them. I was wondering if test boosters like tongkat ali, tribulus, fenugreek, or avena sativa could help me. I recently used a bottle of 6-oxo and all I got from it was some pimples. Thanks for the help ahead of time.

  2. If your gona go down the Anti-E path then try Novedex XT by gaspari its supposed to be something like 20 times more potent...thats my could also try rebound XT as well. Heard thats a great anti-e and natural test booster.

  3. Thanks. I've been doing some reading up on natural test boosters.
    Would this work: DHEA, Novedex- to stop the dhea to converting to estrogen, fenugreek, and avena sativa?

  4. Hey it's worth a try and that stack is fairly inexpensive. I'm thinking you would have some decent success with that. The Novedex is the most expensive part so go for it. If it doesn't workout for you no big loss. I will however warn you that most herbal test boosters need to be run for 30 days from what I've read. I could be wrong but I know I've read that somewhere. I used Axis HT and the only thing it did for me was make me horny as hell. Good luck either way.

  5. Yea that be two bottles of novedex. Novedex is decently priced online but I don't have a credit card so I can't buy em off the net. i gotta get it from GNC and everyone knows they're overpriced. DHEA, avena sativa, and fenugreek can be bought for like 20 bucks though.

    If I just used DHEA without novedex could I get gyno?

  6. I don't think testosterone effects your height. It effects your thickness. I believe that only HGH effect your growth potential.DHEA is usually most effective on subjects that have deficiencies, but it would be unusual for someone of your age to be deficient in DHEA production. Hormonal manipulation for a teenager is risky and unpredictable. Have you seen a doctor about your height issues?

  7. No I haven't seen a doctor about it. I wouldn't even know how to bring the topic up with my parents. Height I would be happy with 5' 11". But theres other things.

  8. See a doc bro, it would benefit you more in the long run. Running an AI is not going to fix your problem if it is low test levels, and could only exacerbate the situation.

  9. Just to answer your question on dhea I have personally always avoided it. I'm not sure on the gyno issue. But these guys are right. If you were really considering anything....Like 5'11" is short....not at all....but if you really wanted a resolution go with a hgh. BTW 5'8" isn't abnormally short. I know you may want to be taller but messing with hormones to achieve a goal that isn't gonna come on it's own requires a professional.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by ryansm
    See a doc bro, it would benefit you more in the long run. Running an AI is not going to fix your problem if it is low test levels, and could only exacerbate the situation.
    17 is 5 years early to start messing with hormone modifying substances. Let your body take it's natural course or you'll risk severe damage. I agree definately see a doctor if you are fearful of low test at your age.

  11. EAT!!!! a good diet is what you need I kept growing into my 20's.

    While eateing a Ton also if your worried see a dco. dont mess with your hormones without supervision at your age.

  12. Like Ryan said, dude...go see a doctor if you are this confirmed about it. You are not a qualified doctor to assess your situation. If you are really convinced that your natural Test levels are low, see a doc and he/she can easily prove/disprove this belief of yours. You are 17 and it is very likely you could hit a growth spirt at 18, even 19. Growth plates don't stop till about what....22 (I'm sure I'm off on this)? If your test levels are low, come back with results and Im' sure we can help you further.

    don't go let some of your beliefs justify you spending money on something that will not benefit you. AI like ATD would definetely not be recommended.

  13. blah, hang in there i grew 3 inches in height from the age of 17 to 19. and even if you dont , make due with what you have, i know some guys that are 5'8" that are freakin machines and look great. look at (the giant killer) Danny Padilla , back to back mr.america and mr. universe he was only 5'2". GOOD LUCK BRO!

  14. 5' 11" would be a nice height to get to.

  15. blahblah, got somethin for ya, sounds ridiculous... "herbs and vitamins" guess you can check it out cuz you fit the "age requirement." don't know anyone that has taken it but you can read all the "success" stories on the testimonials like any website would... good luck growing wouldn't worry bout it tho, unless your fam disowns ya or something


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