(POWERFULL) brownish powder residue in bottle

  1. (POWERFULL) brownish powder residue in bottle

    Hopefully USP LABS can respond to this question or someone who has had a similiar occurance. I just recieved my shipment today of powerFULL, cAMPHIBOLIC and Cissus rx and i noticed that all 3 bottles of powerFULL have a brownish powder residue all over in the bottle. At first i just thought maybe a capsule broke open in one bottle, but all 3 bottles??? My bottles of cAMPHIBOLIC and Cissus rx are fine, no powder residue. Anyone know what's the deal with this?

  2. Mine was the same

  3. its just powder from the capsules i wouldnt worry

  4. Quote Originally Posted by zed
    its just powder from the capsules i wouldnt worry
    not too worry it happened in my cissus bottle once before, so you lost 1 cap.

  5. ya its prob from them tryin to cram a real full bottles worth in there!lol. they will fill everyone to bottles top even past marked contents and i wouldnt care if one of theso broke! your fine man dont worry your still makin out ahead of the game.

  6. thanks for the all feedback guys, i'm looking forward to seeing some good results from this stack.


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