pre-workout energy booster

  1. pre-workout energy booster

    I have been trying to find a good pre-workout energy supp. that is not a fat burner or an appetite suppresant. one that sounds good to me is ready for war but i was trying to find something that is a pill because i workout at school a lot and it is a lot more convenient to take pills rather than mixing up a drink. anyway i have been searching a lot and reading product descriptions, i was just wondering if anyone else has had some success with this type of product and could help me out on what a good one is. thanks for the help

  2. Ergopharm AMP

    The vast majority report Ergopharm AMP is excellent for the results you describe. For example, here's a thread you might want to check out. Gives you the range of positive comments:

    Comes in pills, and is economical as a pre-workout energy and focus booster.

    Every once in a while someone is a non-responder, or doesnt think it's better than Ephedrine/Caffiene, etc....

    But that's going to be true with any supplement.

  3. yeah i saw that thread but im not looking for something that is going to create appetite suppression because i need to eat more not less. im just looking for something that will give me more energy to get through my workouts with better intensity and more focus without messing with my appetite

  4. i know somebody has some kind of experience with energy boosters?? anyone on here any success with ready4war, ive heard good things on but i like most of the people on this board opinions if anyone will ever respond

  5. I say give Biotest Spike a try. I love it.

    As with everything mixed reviews, some like it some dont.

    You can get samples at most GNC's so its worth a try. Doesnt stop me from Grubbing down following a workout.

  6. Take a bottled water and two scoops of no-xplode, shake and go tear the gym down........

  7. ready4war

  8. I don't just want the normal energy type supps. I want one of them tren like aggression like supps in a bottle

    If onyl tren came pill form... lOL

  9. Most effective... ad-energy + 500 mg l-tyrosine.

  10. No-Xplode is the **** ...


  11. c2,,,energia y much more


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