Bridge ? well sort of.

  1. Bridge ? well sort of.

    Post emax/lmg I've been running activate/reduce(lean extreme/rebound. I'm coming up on the four week mark and want to replace the rebound with a natural test booster for four weeks and then jump on another emax/max lmg cycle. I was just looking for opinions or experiences. Here is what I was thinking of.

    emax/max lmg weeks 1-4
    rebound weeks 5-8
    activate/reduce/ weeks 5-12
    rebound replacement? 8-12

    I was thinking of possibly powerful or dhea 100mgs morning 100mgs noon.

  2. Haven't tried this myself but I've read of some people liking the activate and rxt combo, you could also work powerfull in the mix and see what else you may get from it.

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