Ginkgo Biloba and Headache

  1. Ginkgo Biloba and Headache

    Hey all. Today I took some ginkgo biloba (GNC brand, 60mg capsules) for the first time, prior to a workout as I've read it helps with focus/concentration. I took two capsules about a half hour beforehand, didn't feel much of a difference. However during the workout, particularly during a heavy deadlift, I was suddenly hit with the headache of my life, a very intense stabbing feeling that seemed to come from right in the middle of my head. It's been about four hours now and my head still hurts though not as badly. I don't plan on taking ginkgo again any time soon, but does this headache sound serious? Should I go to the doc about it? Any help appreciated.

  2. Gingko is a vasodialator, the positive awareness effects of dialated (relaxed)blood vessels, better blood flow, in the brain can have the negative side of creating headaches. Vinpocetine and Vincamine also have this effect, to a stronger degree, with more brainwave and brain metabolism affect than Gingko.

    Caffeine and Nicotine are the opposite, vasoconstrictors,they diminishe brain blood flow to stop headaches.

    The studies I've seen on Gingko as a nootropic don't suggest strong and sure benefits.Vinpocetine tests, and to my experience, to be the superior product for focus enhancement. I would suggest trying either G or V in a less strenous setting to gauge this side, it may be a positive under non physically strenous conditions but the combination of the intensity of a workout with open blood vessels may be too much for you.

  3. Ginko is all kinds of bad for me. I get headache and it feels like it screws with my cns for some reason. It sounded promising, but i cant take it.

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