meth-1 test

  1. meth-1 test

    I have used m1 several times in the past and i am about ready to start another cycle . My question is about stacking , i am thinking about using m1 , no explode , and cell mass together for a four week cycle then taking clomine for two weeks and then continue another four week cycle and so on. what do you guys think ? let me know thanks.

  2. First off whats m1? Methyl 1 test? If so please do not go 4 weeks on it , go off for 2 weeks and then hop on for another 4. Thats not smart at all.

    As far as ur PCT goes. What's clomine? Clomid? What about nolva or RXT or something like that?

    Is ur diet or training in check?

    Bro you need to search. Id recommend you to skip the anabolics and just take no Xplode and cellmass along with a good diet.
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  3. Methal test , yes thats what i am talking about . You dont think using this product is a good idea to start with i see much less four weeks strait .I have researched this product and know all the pros and cons , And yes clomid is what i have for the off weeks . I respect your opinion . Do you think no explode is a good product ? I am just looking for a good stack to get the max results . thanks

  4. I am going to share a secret SO secret that only the pro's know this. This will help you gain all the mass you need. This little thing that few know is why so many people will take anabolics and not get any gains, because they dont know this secret. The secret is ***in ultra secret whispering tone*** "food"

  5. Quote Originally Posted by bigballer99
    Methal test
    whats that?
    methyl test? methyl 1test?

  6. METHAL 1 TEST i am just looking for a good stack that some of you guys might have tried , and this thing called food i dont think is really my trouble at 6'3 270lbs .I have been training for ten years and i know alot about anobolics, wieght loss, and gain. i just thought i would ask. thks
  7. BB99

    Hey Bud,
    You simply sound like you don't know too much about anabolics. Are you an English speaker? If you're not then your post made fine sense. Otherwise you need take more time and explain to us about your steriod and PCT history, diet, training regimin, bp, cholesterol, etc. Get it? Before I encourage somebody to get off on Anabolic rat poison, I wanna know they know what they are ****ign with. Good luck.
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  8. Didn't mean any disrespect, just having some fun. You didn't specify any past experience and by the way the first post came off it sounded like a younger kid who shouldn't be taking this anyways. Like I said no disrespect, in the future, just detail some history about yourself in the first post, makes it much easier for others to respond.

  9. Save the NO-xplode for PCT to help you hold on to your gains. I don't think it would be a good idea with M1T as your gonna get pumped with that already. 2 week cycle is a smart thing to do as most don't see gains after that unless you super dose it. M1T is also very hard on you. It will shut you down probably in 3 days or less so do PCT for 4-6 weeks after your 2 week cycle. Also because of the toxicity, most don't recommend more than 2 cycles a year as M1T is just that serious. Don't forget your liver protectants and blood pressure supps. Front load a few weeks before the cycle with Hawthorn Berries and milk thistle. Run those during the cycle but also add in NAC(N-acytel cystine) for your liver too and don't skip a day taking these either. If you don't want your nuts to shrink or shrink as much, consider HCG or ATD while on too but this is by no means an alternative to Nolva/Clomid. Sounds like you need to do some more research before you start this cycle so you can get the right dosages of everything. Also, as I've learned too, food is the biggest secret. Eat 6-7 times a day.


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