Muscle Milk RTD Vs Powder

  1. Muscle Milk RTD Vs Powder

    Who would win if the guy from the movie "Powder" fought a can of Muscle Milk? Just kidding. Here's my deal:
    I'm going to get a few jars of Protein for christmas this year. Aside from Cycto-Pro i've never really liked a protein drink (taste wise) I keep reading which proteins you guys like best and Muscle Milk seems to have high reguards. The 7-11 near me just started carrying the Ready-To-Drink Muscle Milk, so I tried the chocolate and vanilla flavors. Man, I hated them! haha Has anyone tried the rtd and the powder? I mean, I know I can liquify it down to make it lose taste with the powder, but I don't want it to even taste close to what I had with the rtd! I'd rather have a protein that had less in it that I could finish! I feel like i'm a protein collector with all of the 3/4 full jugs that I have stored.
    One final note: "Stop being a vagina and drink the damn protein!" is an acceptable response. Thanks!

  2. i like ergopharm's and on's. both taste great.

  3. i have tasted them all-they are full of additives, and junk to stay fresh, they are ok, but the powder is best, and as you stated stop being a ***** and drink the damn protein.

  4. i cant believe you dont like the RTD'S. chocolate taste just like a real milkshake. but i do prefer the powder and they have a wide variety of flavors

  5. Stop being a vagina and drink the damn protein!

    I think that Muscle Milk RTD tastes great...

  6. The powder def better than the rtd, to me at least. Muscle milks choc milk powder with some skim milk tastes great.. almost like nesquick to me. the rtd leaves a wierd taste in my mouth. But thats just my opinion on taste. Personally I just say screw it and "Stop being a vagina and drink the damn protein!" If getting big was easy everyone would do it.

  7. Powder MM in the cookies n' creme is damn tasty!

  8. If you're complaning about the taste of MM, then you will not be satisfied with anything. Get the powder. I recommend chocolate, chocolate PB, rocky road, chocolate mint, cookies and creme, and mocha joe.
  9. Thumbs up

    Thanks everyone! I went with chocolate Muscle Milk and while it's not the best thing i've ever tasted, it's good enough for me to drink. Much better than the Ready to drink. ;P

  10. I thought the RTD's were ass.

  11. that's amazing that you don't like the ready to drink one's they are probably the best ever...

    I'd recommend trying some Syntrax Nector (kiwi strawberry or apple) that is my 2nd favorite kind of protein

  12. Holy **** man....if you dont like muscle milk then I don't like you. That ****s better than steroids.....


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