Poll: Do you think CEE should be "cycled"?

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CEE: to cycle or not to cycle

  1. CEE: to cycle or not to cycle

    I've been taking ~5g CEE daily for ~3 months straight so far. I couldn't imagine working out without it.

    Most people seem to think that it is not necessary to cycle CEE, but I'm the type who would rather be safe than sorry.

    For those of you who "do" cycle CEE, I have a few questions:
    1) Why do you cycle it? (Are you aware of any studies that show the harmful effects of long-term use?)
    2) How long of a break do you give your body from CEE?


  2. sorry--I thought I could could submit a POLL with a POST in one thread.

  3. its possible to continually take it, but CAN be cycled if you wanted.

  4. Interesting question. Normal creatine has to be cycled because of receptor desensitization. IMO CEE would undergo the same thing, although I'm wondering about this too...

  5. I've been on for about 4 months, I do not cycle cee.

  6. I cycle pretty much everything except the obvious dailys like Vit C, multi, fish oil. I don't have any scientific info to back this up, but I firmly believe in cycling CEE to keep receptors fresh..I'll use it for 8-12 weeks then take 3-4 weeks off, then back at it...

  7. I cycle it in when I'm not "on". Especially in PCT and post cycle weeks. I don't use it during.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by milwood
    I cycle it in when I'm not "on". Especially in PCT and post cycle weeks. I don't use it during.
    same. either on, or when being lazy and just maintaining


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