My sleeping is good stack

  1. My sleeping is good stack

    I stack ZMA standard dose (30mgs of Zinc, 10.5mg b6, 450mg Mag), 530 mgs of Valerian root, 100 mgs of 5- htp, 2 grams of GABA, 750 mgs of ALCAR and 1 gram of Di Arg. This puts me down right quick for a good nine hours of constant sleep. When I wake up I feel rested not groggy. All questions and comments welcome.

  2. thats a pretty nice stack, but have u tried phenibut????? a gram of that stuff with a serving of ZMA and i am knocked out once i touch my bed. i love it

  3. I am going to get some of that soon but, I was thinking about using it as a social replacement for drinking.

  4. Witty, I love GABA, but I usually use 5 grams at the least. Do you like the results with 2 grams? And why the Di Arg? Just wondering...


  5. The Di-arg comes from Cold Fusion PM I loved this product. Looked up the ingredients and just decided to homebrew it. If I use too much GABA more than 2 or 3 grams it makes me feel a little nauseous.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by superset2
    thats a pretty nice stack, but have u tried phenibut????? a gram of that stuff with a serving of ZMA and i am knocked out once i touch my bed. i love it
    Its good stuff for sleep however even i always feel pretty tired even if i have slept like a log.

    Very good in social situations with a couple of beers.

  7. i like one cap of glucophase, 600mg of theanine, and 2.5gms of gaba. always makes sleep pretty well.

  8. I posted this in the excerise science part but since you are on the topic, check this out. Has helped me wonders!

  9. Rotate, as needed:

    ZMA or
    Melatonin (3mg) or
    Benadryl (25mg)

    I usually take something only 3-4 days per week.

    I try to take the Mel on workout days due to some previous papers posted about GH release related to Mel.


  10. Rhy - arginine + lysine releases GH as well.

  11. There are two forms of Unisom Sleep pills, one is Diphenhydramine, the antihistamine in Benadryl, the other is Doxylamine Succinate.

    The DS version is both better acting and less likely to make one groggy the next morning, at least for me.

    I do 150mgs 5-HTP, 3.5 mgs of Melatonin, and one of the above when needed, sometimes with a double shot of Whiskey. Not a health promoting mix, but it's preferable to tossing and turning for a few hours before sleep finally comes.

    Phenibut is excellent, until you become immune to it, as many people do. It's much more effective when taken on an empty stomach.

  12. I use Kava Kava. I actually bought it at the 99 c store.
    Most of the time I can't sleep, it's becuase of tension or stess.


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