Anyone familiar with iSatori stuff?

  1. Anyone familiar with iSatori stuff?

    Ok, there is a contest starting soon in my area, and it is sponsored by iSatori. One of the rules is you must run one of their supps for the duration of the contest (3 months i believe) in order to be eligible. I am not too familiar with their company but the Lean System 7 has come highly recommended by a few people. Does anyone have any experience with their stuff? Right now I am leaning towards the Lean System 7 and trying to cut up for the 3 months but I am open for other suggestions. On a side note, their reps that talked to us were very cool and fielded any questions we had.

  2. lean System 7 is not all that bad, its worth a shot, when i took it the dosage was like 6 caps and a 90 cap was for 2 weeks so that was a drawback. There 7 oxo content is kinda low so you might want to "accidently on purpose" add some more like 100-150 more mgs to your pill box... That will make it a wee bit more effective, or you can check out custom's 7oh lean... p.s if your joints get a lil sore than back off the dosages, that is a sure sign cortisol levels are low...

  3. lean system 7 really didnt work well for me, but at the time i tried it i was inexperienced and my diet/cardio could have been off.

  4. I liked ls7 seemed to do the trick for me but i felt very hot while on it.

  5. Thanks a bunch for the input guys, I have decided to go with the lean system 7 I think. From what I understand this is not a stimulant, would it be effective for me to stack it? I was thinking adding some E/C/G, is that overkill?

  6. I took LS7 and Metacell a few years ago. They both worked well; they are just a bit $$$$. I don't use their stuff anymore, mainly b/c it pisses me off that they publish a magazine (with some really good info) that tries to pass of startling new research as if it were their own. Also, if you buy it, make sure you go through Nutraplanet, or another sponsor, if they carry it, b/c retail is insanely overpriced.


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