Bovine Colostrom and its uses in Human/Athletic Performance

  1. Bovine Colostrom and its uses in Human/Athletic Performance

    To start of this train of thought the study below is interesting for those of you who work in explosive sports like football, track, hockey, etc. I would love to hear some more from you all about this. Here something to get you started. BTW there is a ton of studies that it helps in anti-microbal, anti-bacterial. It has benefits in that arena for sure.

    The effect of bovine colostrum supplementation on exercise performance in elite field hockey players.

    Hofman Z, Smeets R, Verlaan G, V d Lugt R, Verstappen PA.

    Numico Research, Bosrandweg 20, 6704 PH, Wageningen, The Netherlands.

    In a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled study, we investigated the effect of 8 weeks of supplementation with bovine colostrum (Intact ) on body composition and exercise performance (5 3 10-m sprint, vertical jump, shuttle-run test, and suicide test). Seventeen female and 18 male elite field hockey players, including players from the Dutch national team, received either 60 g of colostrum or whey protein daily. The 5 3 10-m sprint test performance improved significantly (p =.023) more in the colostrum group [0.64 0.09 s (mean SEM)] compared to the whey group (0.33 0.09 s). The vertical jump performance improved more in the colostrum group (2.1 0.73 cm) compared to the whey group (0.32 0.82 cm). However, this was not statistically significant (p =.119). There were also no significant differences in changes in body composition and endurance tests between the 2 groups.

    Conclusion: It is concluded that in elite field hockey players, colostrum supplementation improves sprint performance better than whey. However, there were no differences with regard to body composition or endurance performance.

    PMID: 12500989 [PubMed - in process]

    ============================== =====

    Can improve recovery

    Bovine colostrum supplementation during endurance running training improves recovery, but not performance.

    Buckley JD, Abbott MJ, Brinkworth GD, Whyte PB.

    Centre for Research in Education and Sports Science, School of Physical Education Exercise and Sport Studies, University of South Australia, Adelaide.

    This study examined the effect of supplementation with concentrated bovine colostrum protein powder (intact) on plasma insulin-like growth factor I (IGF-I) concentrations, endurance running performance and recovery. Thirty physically active males completed 8 weeks of running training whilst consuming 60 g x day(-1) of intact powder (n=17) or a concentrated whey protein powder placebo (n=13) in a randomised, double-blind, parallel design. Plasma IGF-I concentrations were measured prior to subjects performing two (approximately 30 min) incremental treadmill running tests to exhaustion (RUN1 and RUN2) separated by 20 min of passive recovery at Weeks 0. 4 and 8. Plasma IGF-I concentrations showed little change in either group (p=0.83). Effective peak running speed (PRSE; i.e. equivalent of peak power) during RUN1 was not different between groups at Week 0 (p>0.99), and had increased by a similar amount in both groups by Week 4 (mean+/-SD, intact 2.2+/-4.0%, placebo 3.2+/-3.3%; 95% confidence interval [95% CI 15.7 to -13.7%; p=0.89) and Week 8 (intact 3.6+/-5.6%, placebo 3.4+/-4.4 %; 95% CI -100.0 to 100.0%; p>0.99). PRSE was less in both groups during RUN2 (p<0.05), but was not significantly different between groups at Week 0 (p>0.99). PRSE during RUN2 tended to have increased more in the placebo group by Week 4 (intact 1.8+/-4.8%, placebo 4.2+/-3.9%; 95% CI 0.2 to -5 0%; p=0.07), but the intact group had increased PRSE significantly more by Week 8 (intact 4.6+/-6.1%, placebo 2.0+/-4.5%; 95% Cl 0.0 to 5.2%; p=0.05). resulting in a significantly faster PRSE (p=0.003). We conclude that supplementation with intact powder did not increase plasma IGF-I concentrations or improve performance during an initial bout of incremental running to exhaustion in our sample. However, performance during a second bout of exercise may be improved by as much as 5.2% in the average subject after 8 weeks of supplementation, possibly due to an enhancement of recovery.

    Publication Types:

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    PMID: 12188088 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

    Increases performance

    Dose effects of oral bovine colostrum on physical work capacity in cyclists.

    Coombes JS, Conacher M, Austen SK, Marshall PA.

    School of Human Movement Studies, University of Queensland, St Lucia, Australia. [email protected]

    PURPOSE: There is interest in the potential long-term use of dietary supplementation with bovine colostrum to enhance exercise performance. The purpose of the present study was to determine the dose effects of bovine colostrum on cycling performance. METHODS: Forty-two competitive cyclists were randomly divided into three groups and required to consume either 20 g/d bovine colostrum + 40 g whey protein concentrate (wpc), 60 g of bovine colostrum, or 60 g of wpc (placebo). Two measures were used to assess performance before (pre-) and after (post-) an 8-wk supplementation period. The first measure required subjects to complete two VO2max tests separated by 20 min with the amount of work completed in the second test used to evaluate performance. The second performance measure was the time to complete a work-based time trial following a 2-h cycle at 65% VO2max. Subjects were required to maintain their regular training and keep a food and training diary over the study period. RESULTS: After supplementation, the performance enhancement in Measure One was not statistically significantly different in the colostrum groups compared to the placebo group (placebo = 3.4%, 20 g = 4.0%, 60 g = 3.9%; 95% confidence interval (CI) for differences, +/-1.8%, P > 0.05). In performance Measure Two subjects in the 20 g and 60 g groups completed the time trial significantly (P < 0.05) faster post supplement compared to pre supplement (improvements in performance times, placebo = 37 s, 20 g = 158 s, 60 g = 134 s; 95% CI for differences, 47 s). CONCLUSION: Oral bovine colostrum supplementation at 20 g or 60 g/d provided a small but significant improvement in time trial performance in cyclists after a 2-h ride at 65% VO2max.

    Publication Types:

    • Clinical Trial
    • Randomized Controlled Trial

    PMID: 12131260 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

    May increase IGF-1 levels in athletes during strength and speed training.

    Effects of bovine colostrum supplementation on serum IGF-I, IgG, hormone, and saliva IgA during training.

    Mero A, Miikkulainen H, Riski J, Pakkanen R, Aalto J, Takala T.

    Department of Biology of Physical Activity, University of Jyvaskyla, 40351 Jyvaskyla, Finland.

    The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of bovine colostrum supplementation (Bioenervi) on serum insulin-like growth factor I (IGF-I), immunoglobulin G, hormone, and amino acid and saliva immunoglobulin A concentrations during a strength and speed training period. Nine male sprinters and jumpers underwent three randomized experimental training treatments of 8 days separated by 13 days. The only difference in the treatments was the drink of 125 ml consumed per day. Posttraining increases were noticed for serum IGF-I in the 25-ml Bioenervi treatment (125 ml contained 25 ml Bioenervi) and especially in the 125-ml Bioenervi treatment (125 ml contained 125 ml Bioenervi) compared with the placebo (normal milk whey) treatment (P < 0.05). The change in IGF-I concentration during the 8-day periods correlated positively with the change in insulin concentration during the same periods with 25-ml Bioenervi treatment (r = 0.68; P = 0.045) and with 125-ml Bioenervi treatment (r = 0.69; P = 0.038). Serum immunoglobulin G, hormone, and amino acid and saliva immunoglobulin A responses were similar during the three treatments. It appears that a bovine colostrum supplement (Bioenervi) may increase serum IGF-I concentration in athletes during strength and speed training.

    Publication Types:

    • Clinical Trial
    • Randomized Controlled Trial

    PMID: 9338422 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

  2. well, most likely no-one saw it or cared to post on it, but here's about 10 studies I posted not long ago... some of the ones you posted are covered I believe WW****3253

  3. LMAO. I knew we had talked about it before but I'm intrigued by it nonetheless.

  4. Specifically Interested in its ability to help short term, explosive performance and recovery.

  5. yeah, not much happened on the other thread... it seems as though there *might* be benefit to long term serious dosing with it in the terms we're talking about here, but I dunno, nothing seems particularly conclusive as to warrant massive bovine colostrum purchase and ingestion... thoughts people?

  6. That's the only down side. Its got to be mega dosed. I imagine in the future that it may be possible to concentrate it even more.

  7. or eh, actually extract or synthesize human colostrum eh? this would be even better no? (scotty? ) or yeah at least concentrate bovine... but it's not particularly cheap at the moment anyway, right?

  8. Originally posted by Biggin
    or eh, actually extract or synthesize human colostrum eh? this would be even better no? (scotty? ) or yeah at least concentrate bovine... but it's not particularly cheap at the moment anyway, right?
    Human colostrum? Is this a petition? Where do I sign?

  9. Has anyone ever found bulk colostrum?

  10. Man 60 grams of Colostrum would still be expensive as hell evn if we got it from Kilosports, the stuff looks kind of promising IMO

  11. Hrrm, interesting stuff. I don't think it could be concentrated. Human, well we could fake a reasonable facsimile...I doubt too many lactating women would sign up to sell theirs.


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