Fenugreek vs. Tribulus vs. Maca

  1. Fenugreek vs. Tribulus vs. Maca

    Has anyone tried both (not together) and care to compare the 3?

  2. For me Trib works the best, followed by Fenugreek, and then Maca, but I guess it really depends upon what you are trying to accomplish by taking any of these.

    Trib had the greatest impact on libido of the three for me.

  3. Trib is great. Second would be maca the benefits are multifaceted.

  4. I noticed very little from fenugreek or trib, but Maca makes my sex drive sky rocket, as far as gains, never could attribute any gains to any of the 3.
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  5. Different strokes for different folks. All three are relatively inexpensive: fenugreek and maca are <$5 for 50 grams capped so just buy them all and try them out. See which one or combo works best for you.

  6. im stacking maca and fenugreek right now... its cool

  7. I have always loved tribulus. I have been using it for about 10 years. The older I get the more effective It seems to work.Major league erections with one odd side effect of extra low hanging balls.Boxer shorts become a little dangerous when I cycle tribulus.
    Fenugreek is another favorite but I prefer it as a blood sugar stabilizer. I began using it as an alternative for chromium.I think it is an essential part of PCT.
    Maca is been inconsistant. I am not sure if it was because of inconsistancies with the suppler or my own genetics. The first time I used it It drove my libido to the point of annoyance. I could not concentrate on anything that wasn't ***** related.That was on the heels of a trib cycle so may be that had a side effect.The last few times have not yielded much noticable effect.These observations are not backed up by blood work, but I have a good feel for my bodys test levels and definately my libido.

  8. Fenugreek and Clomid do well with me for PCT, but I felt no difference w/ mega doses of Maca (extract) not with tribulus.


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