Lipids on MD2

  1. Lipids on MD2

    Hi there, i'm new here and got a question.

    I just bought some MD2 made by juggernaught nutrition, it's an exact clone of ergomax lmg.

    I know that a lot of people on here have compared gains on ergomax to superdrol and on superdrol lipids are trashed and it is advised to use liver protection and also red yeast rice. Is it needed with MD2/ergomax to use the RYR? I have anabolic extreme perfect cycle for liver protection but wondered if i need the RYR aswell?

    I will be doing a three weeker on this then three weeks of RXT. My dose will be 10mg ed to start then up to 20 after the first week if it feels ok. This will be my first cycle with a methyl so i dont want to push it.

    Also i normally take 6 grams of fish oil (capsules) everyday, should i up that while on cycle? (i eat fish every couple of days)

    thanks, stavross

  2. IMHO, RYR is a Necessity in my arsenal... better safe than sorry... plus it is hella cheap.. check out the board sponsors.


  3. Thanks.

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