ATD + Activate Kicking In

  1. ATD + Activate Kicking In

    So about 10 days ago I started an ATD stand alone cycle, added Activate 3 days later.

    At the start of the cycle I had just come off NO products so I felt less pumped, but within the last few days Ive started to get that "on-cycle" pump going on.

    Ive gained about 4 lbs so far, at first I thought the first two were BS because I pigged out the day before, but it didnt go away and over the weekend I gained a couple more.

    Strength this weekend was higher, about 2 additional reps on most excercises. Added some more weight on bench and was able to do the same reps as when I peaked during my last ErgoMax/Prost cycle.

    If anything I seem to have slightly more definition.

    The only thing is, the original libido boost seems to have turned the other direction. Kinda pisses me off because if I didnt mind having less libido I would just do normal gear.

    Anyway I will be on 3 caps/day ATD until friday then I begin tapering. So far it seems like this type of hormonal "boosting" cycle, as opposed to "replacement" hormonal, seems effective to a somewhat lesser degree.

    Hopefully these products will continue to be available over the counter, so I can bridge cycles with something like this. My gameplan is kinda like...

    Month 1 : 4 Week Cycle ( real gear )
    Month 2 : PCT
    Month 3-4 : NO Cycle ( CM + A-AKG )
    Month 5 : ATD + Activate Cycle
    Month 6 : NO Cycle ( CM + A-AKG )


    Figure this will keep my gains going without my body adjusting to any specific part of it.

  2. An ATD , more known as RXT , UH ect. are known to kill libido, RXT is know highly for this. Once you hop off the RXT or lower the dosage ratio of RXT to Activate it should bring ur libido back up and once you stop your libido will come back to where it was or maybe even higher.

    I do notice that when im on RXT it takes a lot longer and a lot more to get me to my land of no return if you get my drift.
    E-Pharm Rep... PM me with any questions or concerns

  3. Yeah for the first time ATD did start hitting my libido for a couple weeks there. After that initial surge that is.

    Now that I am down to 25mg its really high again though. Like I want it twice a day now, and my junk is pointing at the ceiling again.

    You are right though, it took a bit more coaxing to get going when I was on 75 and 50mg. And I wasnt very interested for a week there, not quite Max LMG type dead though.

  4. Oh and I should probably report that my weight stabilized when I started tapering the ATD. Im about 4-5lbs heavier than when I started. Strength is up to "on-cycle" levels. I wonder if it will stay or if it will fall off in the coming weeks, will report findings before I jump back on real gear ( either Var or O-Turnabol ).

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