flax oil, fish oils, etc.

  1. flax oil, fish oils, etc.

    How much flax seed oil and fish oils are good for daily intake?

    My buddy who works at Vitamin World gave me their house brand flax seed oil.. 200 softgels, each containing 1200 mg.

    He also gave me their house brand Triple Omega 3-6-9. It breaks down to 156 softgels, serving size 3 softgels.
    Flaxseed Oil - 1200 mg
    Borage Seed Oil - 1200 mg
    Fish Oil (50% Omega-3) - 1200 mg
    EPA - 360 mg
    DHA - 240 mg

    I'm tryin to bulk and didn't know if taking the recommended servings was enough.
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  2. i would take double the recommended, i also use customnutritionwarehouse's fish oil b/c its like 20$ for 1000 capsules each at 180 epa/120 dha per capsule

  3. Me personally i take about 10-15 grams of fish oil a day, i also work for Vitamin world, and i can def tell you it makes a difference in body comp and overall well being. ALso the good thing about them is when you freeze them they prevent the fish burps.

  4. I take about 20g of omega-3s daily, 10g each flax and fish..

  5. wow...I never once thought of freezing em. Good idea!
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