Minimize Scarring

  1. Minimize Scarring

    I'm having a mole on my face removed in a few weeks and because I've had this mole from birth the only procedure that will completely remove such a deep mole is excision (cutting it out and stiching it up). I was wondering what supplements I could take to minimize scarring. I was hoping I could compile some sort of list and then talk it over with the doctor.


  2. The best solution is active treatment. I had some small lesions removed earlier this year. I was given Kelo-Kote to put on the wounds as soon as new skin grew over it. The scars ended up turning red and raised, but went away quickly with Kenalog injections and V-beam treatments. My derm just billed my insurance for everything.

  3. I don't know the size of the mole or location, but these can end up looking line a fine line in your skin. It could look natural depending on the area (for example, these aren't noticeable on the forehead).

  4. My wife recently had melanoma removed from her foot and used a Vitamin E cream. It seemed to help the healing process and it is claimed that it helps reduce scaring. Although if you have access to a higher strength prescription med as mentioned above I would opt for that first.

  5. Yeah, a buddy of mine recently had hernia surgery and afterwards used the old fashion over the counter Vit E cream for his scar. To early to tell how it worked, though his doc reccomended it.
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  6. I heard Mederma was good.

  7. band aid makes a scar reducing patch that you put on cuts dont know how well it works but its worth a try if you cant get a script just my 2 cents


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