Manufacturing protein question

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    1) What do manufacturers do to "instantize" protein?

    2) Don't they all get their protein from the same suppliers (cheese makers)?

  2. Sorry but I have no idea what your talking about??? Protein does not come just from cheese maker's however.

  3. When you take milk to cheese and separate the curds from the WHEY, you get whey!

  4. LOL, nice YJ.

  5. Try a google search next time (at the bottom toolbar). They can use lecithin to instatize, here's one link I found, I'm sure there are many more:

  6. Thanks jweave, the reason I ask was because I thought it goes through some sort of breakdown process that might denature the protein so I would rather opt or non-instantized protein. I had no idea the added sometjing to it instead!

    WW and YJ, I thought whey and casein is the waste product of cheese manufacturing so all the supp companied must get their protein from the few cheese manufacturers. 

  7. It is and that's where all whey comes from your right. No supp company makes it's own protein. Cross filtration and Ion exchange are two ways to purify the whey (done by the cheese factories as well). Companies order it in various qualities and blend it together add flavouring and sell it.
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