I came across this :

"As eluded to above, insulin stimulated protein synthesis is linked to the production of phospholipases which lead to increased availability of arachidonic acid. This is a two edged sword. Increased availability of arachidonic acid can increase the amount of PGF2a thereby increasing protein synthesis. On the other hand, arachidonic aid directly suppresses GLUT4 production which is the chief glucose transporter in skeletal muscle. High levels of arachidonic acid can reduce glucose transport by up to 50%. It could be that insulin action is more dependant on the cAMP antagonist, cyclic PIP (prostaglandylinositol cyclic phosphate), a proposed second messenger for insulin and alpha-adrenoceptor action, than on PGF2a. PGE2 however is a different story. Prostaglandin E, myo-inositol and one phosphate are components of cyclic PIP. So increased production of PGE2 may increase insulin mediated glucose transport through this mechanism. Taking this into consideration, exogenous PGF2a should not be considered to replace insulin."

what do you think ?