Finigenx Magnum a good choice for first cycle...

  1. Finigenx Magnum a good choice for first cycle...


    I've been thinking about running Finigenx Magnum as my first cycle. I have a bottle of Phera-Plex but I want to wait until I get some bloodwork done before I jump into methyl's. I guess my question is this, since this would be my first cycle would I be better off waiting and doing the PP or go ahead and run the Finigenx....even though it can get expensive? I want to maximize my growth especially since I only get one shot at the "first time" and results are supposed to be the best on your first cycle. Also, even though Finigenx is not methylated it is still not nice to your lipids right? I haven't seen any bloodwork on this. In fact, I have yet to find any bloodwork for PP either. Anyway, I would appreciate your thoughts on this. Thanks for your help.


  2. How long are you going to run the cycle? From what I have read I like Finigenx Magnum, I ordered some myself. I think its a great steroid for building quality keepable muscle.

  3. I was thinking of running it for 5-6 weeks and then PCT for 3-4 after that. Do you think Rebound would be sufficient for PCT? The toxicity of Nolva kinda scares me. What do you think? Thanks.


  4. There are better qualified people here to answer you PCT question but I've have used Nolva and liked it and Rebound-XT and liked it even better.

    I'd like to hear others options on cycle length, I was a short cycler but it never worked very good for me. My first cycle was a 8 weeker and it worked much better then the short cycles I've tried after the long cycle. I'm thinking about a 8-10 weeker on Finigenx Magnum if I can tolerate the sides.

  5. I've heard sides were pretty minimal with the exception of libido loss which would be a killer but something I can deal with. What other sides have you read about?

  6. Lightbulb

    Go search - Theres alot on Finigenx around here...

    Keep an eye out for 'diplomats '.... His your man on this stuff ;-)

    Ive ordered another 8 bottles before the ban! ITs GOOD STUFF!!!!

  7. I am 3 days into a PP/Fini/SD cycle. I may drop the SD. I'm dosing the PP at 10/20/30/20 and the Fini at 12ml/12/18/21. I'm running both of them together and I may add SD in the 4th week, not sure yet. I know about the toxicity of Methyls so please don't go nuts on me, thanks. I will be posting a full cycle post when I'm done, but I'll just say right now that I am 3 days in and today is my day off. I would eat yesterday(Back day) and then I would feel like I needed to eat more as the day went on. Tomorrow is legs and I'm going to just be pounding food in today to be ready for the war. They say 4 days into PP is where you start to roll. I'm not sure about Fini but I'll let you know. Maybe Diplomats can step up to the mike and talk about it. Preach my brother D.

  8. ive run finigenx for 2 weeks alone before adding a strong methyl to the mix for a complete 6 week cycle and i have to say the compound works well with minimal sides. the gains arent explosive but it puts on mass at a moderate rate with comparable strength gains. its a good choice i find the price, taste, and amount of bottles you have to go through a hassle but its worth it if youve got the cash.


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