Inj. L-Carnosine

  1. Question Inj. L-Carnosine

    Does anybody have feedback on pinning this? I didnt find too much info on pinning or feedback.

  2. i read that people use it to slow lactat acid build up.... Anyone?

  3. Look in my thread on heavy metals detox. The first post has 2 references to Poliquin who uses it. The articles describe his use and success with it. The thread is in the Supplements section I think.


  4. very nice.

  5. anyone else?...anybody try it and like to give some feedback!?

  6. There's supp called 5-tetra that alleges doing the same thing.

  7. what about inj. Acetyl-l carnitine? anybody have experience with this?

  8. Quote Originally Posted by 400runner
    what about inj. Acetyl-l carnitine? anybody have experience with this?
    Injecting ALCAR was primarily used for spot fat reduction not for a buffering effect. It burns like a SOB and is only moderately effective for fat reduction.

    As for l-carnosine, it works quite well either IM or subQ. Don't believe the nonesense that it is site specific. I've injected into the delts and it kept my legs from burning on long distance runs. You can inject it into your lips as well, this increases potency a bit but mostly allows it to kick in faster. I'd start off with 1 gram but anywhere from 1-2g should suffice. It takes 30mins if you inject in your lips, 45-1hr in muscle and 1hr or so if subq. I would avoid injecting into the glutes as it seems to slow absorption quite a bit. Also you need to inject it within a few hours after mixing it as it tends to crystalize. It also turns a nice heroin color.

  9. how long would muscle researche's l-carnosine last me? if used like on hard training days and meet 3days a week.


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