Myoplex Tastes anyone?

  1. Myoplex Tastes anyone?

    Has anyone tried any of these, if so, how did they taste:

    Myoplex lite RTD Cappuchino
    Myoplex lite Mocha Latte

  2. They taste alright, thick and snot-like if not really cold..

  3. IMO the chocolate is very rich and creamy.

  4. as far as myoplex goes, chocolate is by far the best tasting. just switched to MET-RX(chocolate) and is the absolute best tasting protein i have ever tried.

  5. i love met-rx chocolate..especially with a some peanut butter(skippy natural) or 3 frozen strawberries or a banan..ok im stopping now

    myoplex is ok..nothing special..i prefer champion's ultramet or met-rx.yes im old school

  6. The Cappuccino is good for the first little while... then you just get annoyed with it, I try to buy anothe rtype of MRP so I can cycle them in with milk protein isolate/whey and the other MRP I bought(Prolab)... They're pretty decent if you don't go overboard on them.


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