Transdermal vs Oral 19-Nordiol question

  1. Transdermal vs Oral 19-Nordiol question

    I am getting ready to start a 4-AD/19-Nordiol cycle and have oral 4-AD and transdermal 19-Nordiol. The transdermal serving size is 200mg. I was wondering how this 200mg compares to 200mg of oral. I know the transdermal will be more readily absorbed but how much? I am trying to follow this cycle:

    Week 1-2 take 750 mg of 4-diol and 250 mg of Nor-diol
    Week 3-5 take 500 mg of 4-diol and 500 mg of Nor-diol
    Week 6-7 take 250 mg of 4-diol and 750 mg of Nor-diol

    Basically how much transdermal do I need to equal the oral as far as doasges? I tried searching this but could never get a definitive answer. Thanks.

  2. Transdermal can range from 25% to 35% (some speculate higher) absorption. Don't recall the oral availablity of of 4AD, but it is surely less than 35%.

  3. I remember the oral availability of 4ad being 5-15% tops

  4. Nonetheless, trans is supposed to be infinitely more effective with these compounds. I've never read a good log of 19 Nor, but the TD is good.

  5. I wish I would have kept a log on my last cycle of Nordiol Transdermal. I used the Dermabolics brand and it was awesome. In the past I had used the Biotest brand and this stuff was way more potent. I wish I would have used something for the libido though. It made me lose my mo-jo and real lethargic. This time I am putting the 4-AD with it so hopefully no sides. I will post an exact log when I start it probably around next week sometime. The amounts I will be taking have been tweaked a little from what I originally posted. I will keep you updated.



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