SciTec Bannana Protien...

  1. SciTec Bannana Protien...

    This is by far the best protien shake i have ever tasted. If anyone out there wants a good tasting protien then scitec is definately the 1 you should be looking at. Its a bit pricey though 1pound is like $15, but the taste is to good to be true.. There's about 6 flavours to choose from..

  2. ive heard this as well. however, the prices per lb is nitrovarin sommnabol pm protein level......for me, muslcemilk at 19 per is pushing it. Sage

  3. unfortunately, I'd rather choke down a 3-4$/lb poor-moderate tasting protein than pay that much... at the absolute worst I can overpower the nast with liberal cinnamon and vanilla... but Scitec isn't talked about too much, so good to bring it up I guess

  4. ive used their protein shake before, its damn good. ive tried their ala and creatine as well ... used 2 bottles of their creatine express. i think their product line and research is okay and better than some companies out there, but their doses and prices are high. they are to much into design, colors, and making things look pretty if you notice.... but their proteins i'd say is the best product in their line.

  5. get syntrax's nectar its really good



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