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  1. Retain/Activate/Rebound XT

    I am on day 3 of retain by anabolic extreme and activate by designer supplements. (Day 2 for activate I am one day behind the retain) I am going to add rebound xt in about a week. My diet is clean and I lift 4-5 times every week. I am going for an extremely clean bulk. So far all I really have to report is increased hunger and vascularity. I will also be taking a multi-vitamin, 30mg zinc tabs, caffeiene (pre-workout), ephedrine (preworkout), and vaporize(which I will start in a week with the rebound xt.

  2. Sounds great I look forward to your review!

  3. are you using this combo coming of a cycle as part of a PCT or just as a non-hormonal cycle all in its own?

  4. I am using this stack all alone to see what kind of gains I can get. Today I trained chest and I was actually down two pounds even though I have been eating like crazy lately. I felt slightly more pumped than usual but saw no real strength increases. It is still very early to see much but I really have confidence in this stack especially once I throw in the rebound and vaporize. Tommorow I will train back. Today is day 4 retain and day 3 activate.

    Food eaten today...
    Meal one-3 scoops GF pro isolate, 2 cups whole grain cereal , 8oz. skim milk with cereal
    Meal two- 3 scoops gf pro , 4 ounces grape juice
    Meal three- 3 scoops gf pro , 4 ounces grape juice
    Meal four- 5 chicken tenderloins, 1 wheat bagel
    Meal five- 2 pieces what bread
    Meal six- 2 8 oz salmon filets , 4 cups broccoli
    Meal seven- 6 oz tuna , handfull of almonds, 1 piece of wheat bread
    Meal eight- 12oz. roast beef, handfull almonds

  5. Today is day 5 of retain and day 4 of activate and I trained back. I had another really good workout today and was at the same wheight. I was suprised because I feel much fuller and I have been eating more than before. My libido which was already high is starting to get even higher especially during unexpected times. So far I am feelig great on there two. I think I am sleeping better because last sunday I got up after sleeping seven hours (less than normal for me) and I felt really refreshed even while I was working. Vascularity has deffinately increased which is one thing I did not expect to happen. I am seeing more veins popping than I did on white blood. I am going to add the rebound xt on saturday and I think I will start the vaporize thursday. I am waiting a little bit to take the rebound becuase I will only take it for about four weeks while I will be taking the activate for six. I may even wait until week two so I know the activate is in full effect. I love taking rebound xt alone. It is the only supp I have taken that I really noticed a strength increase on. Diet is still clean and I may even up the cals a little bit to take in more protein. Tommorow I will train legs.

  6. Today is day 6 of retain and 5 of activate. I trained legs and had yet another good workout. I woke up with a bit of a hedache today but it went away within about 10 minutes of being awake. Im not really feeling the hunger increase but that is probally because I have been taking ergopharm amp. I recieved my vaporize today which I will probally start using tommorow. Nothing really new to report other than that. Tommorow I will train shoulders and wheigh myself again. Yesterday I took 5 activates instead of 4. I may go up to five everyday in a week or so.

  7. Hey, I'll definitely be following your log, but maybe you should switch the name and put it in the cycle log section as you are really not REVIEWING Retain, but really have a non-hormonal cycle. None the less, good luck...

  8. good idea

  9. how are u taking the retain? all at once or spread thoughout the day?

  10. I use them spread through the day in 3 evenly spaced dosages.

  11. Day 7 Retain and day 6 activate. Today I trained shoulders and saw my first strength increases. On my first move I got 10 easy reps with the 85's on seated military dumbell presses. Then when I went to the 95's I got 6 easy when it is usually tough to get 5. I am also much more pumped when working out and I don't lose my fullness twards the end of the workout. I have been taking two doses of ergopharm amp before working out and it's really pushing me through these workouts. Now that I feel these products are starting to work I'm going to up my calories even if I have to do it by dirking shakes. I'm gonna cut out the amp in a few days so I can get more calories. Im also trying to take in as much whole foods as I can. My wheight was still at 183 but I am noticably fuller and stronger. I started vaporize yesterday and will be taking 3 caps spread evenly through the day. I am doing this to help keep the fat off when I start upping my calories. They are going to be all clean calories though. Tommorow I will tain arms.

  12. Day 8, I started rebound xt last night and took 2 caps before bed. I took one this morning and will take one before bed. I trained arms today and had another and probally the most intense workout yet. I felt so much stronger today. I am still at 183 but am eating a lot more. I am going to continue to up the calories. Tommorow I will take off but post diet.

  13. Day 8, I trained arms today. I had a really good workout and was able to get a lot of small meals in today. I am deffinately feeling stronger and more pumped. Last night I took two rebound xt's. This morning I took one and I will take another tonight close to bed. Now I am on all the products so I hope to see even more effects. I am looking to gain about 10 lean pounds in the next couple months. Tommorow I wont lift but I might do cardio.

  14. Considering something similar, I do believe I'll follow along.

  15. Today is day 9 and I didnt train. I wheighed in at 186 today which means I gained 3 pounds. I ate a lot of carbs yesterday. They all came from wheat bread, oatmeal, cereal, and brown rice. Im gonna take it easy on the eating today and try to just maintain and let the sesamin build up. Im taking 1-2 gels 3 times daily with fat. Does anyone have any opnions on upping my doasge of activate or rebound xt?

  16. Today was day 10 and I trained chest. I had a good workout and saw some noticable strength gains. I got 315 on flat bar for 5 reps which I usually get for 3-4. I wheighed in at 186 at the end of the workout. I have yet to notice any side effects. Tommorow I will train back.
  17. Thumbs up

    keep up the log man
    sounds like your doing great
    thanks for the info

  18. Today was day eleven and I trained back. I had a pretty good workout considering I was rushed to go to work. I am continuing to feel strogner. I looked great all day today after training. I was pumped and I looked lean and vascular. I am taking 5 activates a day. I took a serving of blue rhino(friend gave me a full bottle for free) about 5 minutes ago and I am gonna go do cardio when I start feeling the caffeine(took 400mg also). I am hoping the trib and everything will raise test even higher. I am keeping my diet clean and may cheat and have a few beers this weekend. Tommorow I might take off or I might train legs depending on how I feel. I will post either way.

  19. Day 12, I am taking the day off from training. I will be eating clean for the day but other than that I dont really have anything to post.

  20. Today is day 13 and I trained shoulders. I had a decent workout probally because I didn't get to the gym until 9:00 pm. I have had a headache all day but I dont think it has anything to do with anything I am taking. I cheated on my diet last night and ate some peanut butter and chocolate chips. I was clean today and will be for a couple weeks until I break down again. Wheight was still around 185 today. Tommorow I will train arms and post after my workout.

  21. Day 14,15, and 16. On day 14 I trained arms and I took day 15 and 16 off. I had a good workout doing arms but didnt really feel as strong as last workout. Other than that I don't really have much to post. Diet has been the same and Im not really feeling any other noticable effects.

  22. Day 17, I trained chest today and had a decent workout. I wheighed 180 today and was really suprised. I have been eating a ton lately and I cannot gain anything. I know it is the sesamin, amp, and retain all working together. I am keeping my diet clean and will train back tommorow.

  23. what happened to this log?

    im interested in the nha stack and am looking for write ups.

  24. Drop the Sesamin to 1 serving a day if even that, and use the AMP sparingly on days you really need it. You should start gaining weight once you do.

  25. I stopped the log due to being really busy. My final thoughts were that I really liked the retain, I felt it helped me hold gains and burn up a little fat. The NHA stack didn't do a damn thing for me, I'm not saying it doesnt work but it didn't do much for me. Maybe it would be better utilized in a bulk cycle. I just dont really respond to natty test boosters and I think activate is just like taking avena sativa. I wouldnt really reccomend this stack because as far as gains go I really didn't see any.


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