syntrax's nectar(for anyone interested)

  1. syntrax's nectar(for anyone interested)

    oki just received 2 flavors of nectar
    sour apple
    this is a great flavor not over powering and honestly tastes like a sour apple..kinda like a jolley rancher..IMO
    caribean cooler
    this has a nice tropical flavor kinda similar to a pina coloda

    the powder itself is very fluffy its promina whey isolate(have n idea what that is) the flavors are in no way over powering just very pleasant my favorite is the caribbean cooler i wanna mix it with some oj as i think that may give a nice pineapple/oj flavor..this stuff is very good..gonna buy the verry berry cherry next..36 servings of 23 grams of pure whey isolate for 24 bucks..i think this is a great change of pace and a good deal

  2. Thank you for the info Wojo.

  3. cool, glad the stuff actually tastes good

  4. Thanks for the review. Looks like I'll have to put an order in!

  5. ok i tried some carribean in oj and i gotta telu it tastes just like a orange julius this ****e rox..little creatine and i got a post workout shake

  6. Thanks for the reviews wojo, now i might have to go and buy some....

  7. i got a free sample of the apple ecstacy and its pretty good..very fruity

  8. nice wojo. ill pick up a flavor in my next order for some kicks. Sage


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