1. myoplex

    for anyone who enjoys myoplex, giving you the heads up that planetdepot has the 42 variety for 39.99 thats the cheapest ive seen in a long long time. I think its limited time..... Sage

  2. Nice grab, bro. I don't use it, but have a friend who just paid $75 for a box, dope.

  3. Thanks Sage.. the best price I have found was 49.99 at fitrx but that is the normal price I think..

  4. that ain't bad at all, sage, good spot... bizump for people who are in the market for some myoplex

  5. Damn.

    I just bought from FitRx. Oh well. However, PlanetDepot doesn't appear to have a flat shipping rate like FitRx. I'm assuming the shipping would be more with PlanetDepot.



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