Are cortisol blockers primarily for people post cycle or

  1. Are cortisol blockers primarily for people post cycle or

    can a person add it too there stack who arent doing ph's. I did a search and got six pagers but 99% of the posts were for post cycle therapy. Thanks!

  2. Most people use them in like the last 4-6 weeks of a diet as cortisol takes over and runs rampant OR like uve read in PCT where cortisol is high , so you reduce that, keep /gain a little bit of muscle and lose some belly fat in the process.
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  3. Yes it can be used in a normal stack, not just PCT

  4. Def can be used other than with PCT...

    I've used RXT and Lean Xtreme in a stack and loved it...

    I have been reading a lot about Retain and might give that a try, perhaps with some ActivaTe and RXT, but we'll see...

    But yeah, they are also awesome for dieting when calories are real low...


  5. I've been using Retain lately during dieting. The first four days i noticed accelerated fat loss and was quite excited about the remainder of the trial, but since then (now on day 12 or 13) i've noticed nothing but sleep problems. I'm not entirely sure if the retain is doing anything but i'll reserve all comments until i've used the bottle (got 30-days worth if i continue running 3 caps/day).

    I'd certainly use low-dose ean xtreme for lean bulking. I'd have half a bottle left for dieting with if i hadn't thrown it out with my 7-keto several months back.
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