something for muscle cramps?

  1. something for muscle cramps?

    is there something i could take for muscle cramps?  I get some serious cramps in my calves when doing cardio for extended time periods.  I mean sometimes i almost fall off the damn treadmill...its like right calf just balls up.





  2. Okay how is you intake of water Hamper? Also, you might be low on potassium but I suspect you take a multi vit so that might be it.. one thing that always helped me with this is really stretching my calves before I start.

  3. It could be the water, but I always drink at least half a gallon during training alone.  I put between 500-1000mg of vitamin c into the water also..u know the chewable wafer ones...they just dissolve and i have some nice vitamin c in there



  4. I would definetly add some potassium pre workout. Even with a multi, you need more. Since I started about a half year back taking a pill or two a day I have had no shin splints, and I used to have them bad. Also look into taurine and magnesium supps.

  5. yeah, I was going to get tauring, but didnt want to post it....I didnt feel like getting flamed or know a lot of peoples thoughts on glutamine, so i figured they would feel the same about taurine. I am getting that though.

    what do you use to add potassium pre-workout?

  6. I have that same kind of cramp when I'm waking up, as soon as I open my eyes my right calf start to hurt real bad for like 5 seconds. WTF is that? I get it once or twice per week.

  7. I just take potassium gluconate pills about an hour before I workout along with liver tabs and vitamin c (after eating). They are pretty cheap and seem to do the job. Also, taurine helps in a lot of functions, I know people have different opinions, but I originally got it for during clen usage and have liked it since. It helped me with clen cramps, and BAC sells it pretty cheap. Good luck to both ya.


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