View Poll Results: How much money do you spend on supplements in a month?

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  • 0-$20

    2 3.51%
  • $21-$40

    7 12.28%
  • $41-$60

    12 21.05%
  • More than $60 per month

    37 64.91%
Multiple Choice Poll.

Please help with some research for a project

  1. Please help with some research for a project

    I am doing a project at my University and I need some info from you guys..simple question:

    How much do you spend in a month on supplements?

    I realize that some months you will spend more than others b/c of promotions and new products, but try to give a rough estimate. Feel free to elaborate on what types of supplements you use as well. This includes EVERYTHING.

  2. more than $60.
    vitamins, health supps, protein.
    then other (less essential) BB'ing supps--the fun stuff.
    well north of $60/month...

  3. Lets see, vits, Ph's, proteins, PCT's, Aminos, Herbals. man well over $200 a month.

  4. protein, supps for cycle, etc

  5. I break them down to these categories
    1)Daily health supps:
    -B complex
    -B 12 sublingual
    -Green Tea extract
    -Vitamins C, E, & beta carotene
    -multi-mineral complex
    -hawthorne berries
    -Co Q-10
    -celery seed
    -fish oil

    2) Cutting supps
    -Ephedrine & Caffeine
    -possibly anavar during next cutting phase
    -sometimes Absolved

    3) Bulking supps
    -aromasin as anti-e during cycle

    4) PCT
    -Lean Xtreme
    -Ephedrine & Caffeine

  6. more than 60

    fish oil
    b complex
    green tea
    instone protein pudding

    protein and mrp's are probably the highest portion of my supp budget. being at school everyday for hours requires me to bring something, so i go with mrp's. however, i dont really view it too much as a typical supplement, because i could be getting a slice of pizza, so its just a food alternative.

    usually when supp bill is higher, food bill is lower

  7. This is good stuff fellas! Thank you very much! Keep em coming if you haven't already voted.

  8. Thanks again fellas. I got what I needed to make my presentation.

    MODs feel free to close or delete this thread if you wish.

  9. I want to see what you do with this info. maybe a brief summary.

  10. Certainly.

    In my Facility Management class we had to make a 50-page business proposal of an exercise facility of our choice. I designed a 40,000 square foot Sports Performance facility (football, baseball, basketball) that also caters to bodybuilders, PLers, and Strongmen.

    I have to do a 20 minute presentation on my proposal in front of the other students (who are acting as investors) in order to try to get them to invest. I used this poll as part of my proof that this type of facility would succeed...

    Seriously it would....64% of those that answered spend more than $60 per month!!! That shows me that there is definetly a market for a state-of-the-art facility with beautiful equipment as opposed to a lot of ****-hole gyms that people train at....of course there is a lot of money involved

  11. A lot of the time, more than 60, but on average prob 41-60.

    It really does vary though, but between the usuals (Vits, Pro, various other supps like sims, liver protectants, etc.) I would say in that range.

    When on cycle, in PCT or trying a new stack, (NHA is a personal fav), it goes WAY above and beyond.

    Good Luck with the project bro!



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