1. Question "Animalpak"

    Hi Everyone, and to the ones that know me from answering to my ?'s, ya know who ya are!!!

    Well, has anyone, Woman or Man ever heard of Animalpak or tried one of there staks. THey have there own website: animalpak.com, check it out so you can see what they offer.

    My ? is, If you have tried one of there stacks or a combo of theres, what were your results and did you like there product.

    What stack would u recommend. There is a cutting pak I guess for the woman too, who want to get much leaner/BF-loss.

    Replies from Woman/Men appreciated. Not too many woman reply, I dont know if it is because the are not into supplementation like I am(which is cool, no fingers pointing). Will do what it takes to get me to where I want to be/look like or help myself further.

    Thanks for your attention, Emmy aka Gymcandy397.

  2. Well I have used the Animal Pack (as a matter of fact I still have about 10 packs left in the container ), but anyway..

    There are a total of 11 pills, 8 of which are rather...umm...huge.

    But if you were to take about 10-12 liver tabs (also made by Universal) per day you would get around the same amount of vitamins.

    But one cool thing about the animal pack was seeing my urine come out neon yellow

    So I say either Animal Pack or Liver tabs...liver tabs are cheaper.
    Read This Book!!: Anabolic Steroids and the Athlete by William N. Taylor M.D.

  3. Animal packs are convenient. Not too expensive either. There are other ways of getting the same nutrients that may be cheaper, but the probably aren't packed into nice little pill sacks. Convienience versus price.

  4. hmm... yeah, the animal paks can be found at some websites for a relatively inexpensive price, but as LG and Hal pointed out you'd probably do better by purchasing the essentials in bulk separately and saving yourself from the filler... not a bad idea though really, I'm sure I have some floating around somewhere still, and yeah the radioactive urine is a nice touch.

    multi, liver tabs, extra C, ALA, etc etc... look around or shoot me a PM if you'd like some cheap vitamin sites... or, easier yet, head to Wal Mart

  5. Bah if you want a radioactive urine just get a B complex , gives the neon power, stick to liver tabs .



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