Should I take the same supplements before/after cardio as I do weight training?

  1. Should I take the same supplements before/after cardio as I do weight training?

    Should I take creatine and glutamine before and after cardio, just as I would if I were doing weight training?

  2. glutamine i dont like before, during, after, before bed or anytime (ha). as for creatine, if you're taking only one serving (5-10grams) after your workout, the preworkout really isnt necessary. I would say no, and save some servings. if you're using glutamine and creatine however (seriously though, if you're taking a good amount of protein from powder and other whole food source with decent amount of glutamine... glutamine supplementaion isnt necessary) i would take the glutamine before your workout and keep the creatine afterwords. Sage

  3. I take in around 250-275 g of protein daily. Mostly in the form of egg whites and chicken breast. Post-workout though is always skim milk and whey...Does that constitute "a good amount" in your opinion?

  4. it does. i read in another thread you backing away from the glutamine.....i think we persuaded you? (ha) but milk post workout? sure that topic "no-no" has been covered before in many forums....stick with water and whey with a carb source (i still prefer hi GI carbs but you'll see advocates of low GI's) Sage

  5. Okay, I guess that's my new goal then ...learn to stomach shakes made of water...

  6. well the taste definetely can be bettered by adding dextrose and or maltodextrin. you shouldnt just take your protein and water alone for your post workout drink. Sage

  7. The dextrose I take now is those orange tablets from the pharmacy section of grocery stores, which is pretty expensive. Does "normal" dextrose just taste like table sugar, or what?

  8. its corn sugar. the taste is less sweet than table sugar however it adds a definite sweetness to your shake. much sweeter than maltodextrin. i dont know what the tablets you are taking and even if its the same deal, what grams of carbohydrate it has per, but the powder im sure is more cost efficient. I get mine from vitaglo (NOW foods carries their 32oz/2lb bag for 1.90ish. Supplementdirect has a bulk kind @ 10 buck for 11lbs (shipping not included) look around and go the powder route. Sage

  9. DMG is a good supplement for cardio.

  10. Originally posted by JohnGafnea
    Okay, I guess that's my new goal then ...learn to stomach shakes made of water...
    at first john, i really didn't care for the shakes made with water. But I found that near the end of my workout, I'll remember to quit hittin up the water fountain as often, so by the time I get home I'm pretty thirsty, so I can just knock down that shake like it aint no thang!

  11. i would definitely say no to the creatine (before cardio) because of its water retention properties.. your bodies "cooling system" will be deprived during your cardio.. ill try and find the article on this, although i dont like referring to articles since there are a million of them out there half of which contradict the other half .. i just feel this side is a little more logical..


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