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    Every now and then, on this board and others, comments will pop up about Beverly products, and they are never negative (or if they are, I've never seen any). From looking at the nutritional facts of any of theirs, though, I don't see anything special. I mean, I understand that each ingredient may be of the highest quality, and that's fine, but is that enough, or better yet, are the results enough to justify the higher prices?

    I'm asking this question partially out of skepticism and partially out of curiosity...and I'm referring mainly to their proteins and not something like their liver tabs (probably because I'm not that knowledgeable on the difference between their liver tabs and that of others).

    Also, for those that do praise them, have you tried them out, or are your opinions based on heresay? That again is not a question out of spite; I'm seriously wondering if you're basing how you feel on your personal experiences or on how those you talk to have felt about them.

  2. Honestly, no. There are some advocated of BI, and thats fine, high quality yes, cost effective hell no. If you can afford their products on a regular basis, great, I sure cant. I have used their liver tabs (as recommended by John Benz), they were fine, did nothing for me Universal Nutrition's didnt do.

  3. Ive heard a lot of good things about Beverly Products but they are kinda spendy. If you can afford it, go for it.

  4. high quality is all well and good, but cost inevitably becomes a factor when the **** is as expensive as beverly's is, and there are other cheaper ways to do the same things... I personally wouldn't use them unless you **** money.

  5. Originally posted by Biggin
    high quality is all well and good, but cost inevitably becomes a factor when the **** is as expensive as beverly's is, and there are other cheaper ways to do the same things... I personally wouldn't use them unless you **** money.
    Bump. Even if you have discretionary income, why piss it away unnecessarily?

  6. Were not here to manage peoples money folks! LOL! The question is, is Beverly worth the money. Some would say yes, as Beverly has serious followers. Some would say no. Is Beverly products high quality? Yes. I personally would not spend the money on them, as I have not tried them. But if I did try them, and I liked them, and I could afford it, then I would buy it. Remeber, half the time with supps its about perception, not reality.

  7. well, that's what I'm saying... high quality or not, it's outweighed by the much too high price since similar results can be gained for substantially less green. not trying to manage money, just offering perspective and opinion. I keep hearing these people who **** a brick about the quality quality quality of their ****ing protein powder... please. you said it WW, it's about perception, so why buy into "woo, beverly is expensive and prestigious so I should only buy their **** and never look back"... it's not powdered gold, it's still protein, I'm sorry... I'll stick with my cheaper, much higher value **** and save all kinds of cash, AND feel much much better about myself for not spending 35 dollars for two pounds of protein. but hell, if I could "afford" it (read: could print my own bills) I'd probably buy it exclusively too.

  8. The answer is a resounding yes. With Beverly you get wahat you pay for, and it is a fact that even though Beverly sponsors NO ONE, every Mr. Olympia winner for the past 15 years has used their products. Ronnie Coleman has a can of Ultra-Size on his shelf in the UNBELIEVABLE video, even though he is sponsored by Weider and given all the Weider protein he could ever use for free. YJ is the only person I ever talked to that claims a comparison and sees no difference.

    Their liver tabs contain over twice as much liver per tab, and yes there is a difference. I would use nothing but Beverly if I could afford to, and I still use their liver tabs, as there is a big difference in results.

  9. so, just because a few top bodybuilders use them they must be the best of the best? top bodybuilders do all kinds of goofy ****, I don't see that as an argument...

  10. Originally posted by Biggin
    so, just because a few top bodybuilders use them they must be the best of the best? top bodybuilders do all kinds of goofy ****, I don't see that as an argument...
    Everyone I have ever talked to who knows what they are talking about and has used Beverly will tell you the same thing. Of course there's always those who talk about the big boys.... but don't really have a clue.

  11. It's good to hear that I'm on the right track with my assumptions...that it's good quality but not necessarily worth the price if cost is an issue.

    John, could you explain why they're such higher quality? I mean, something can be said for the difference between concentrate vs. isolate and that isolate is "better" than concentrate, but the differences are minimal IMO. Are there any huge differences in, for instance, Beverly's Ultra Size in comparison to a blend like Pro Blend 55? Yes, Ultra Size uses "beef plasma" and maybe it's great. There are also only 17g of protein per serving and 35 servings per 2lb. jug which costs $34.42 at 1fast not including shipping. I know you could use more than one scoop but that basically just drives the cost up. Can you offer some real, scientific reasons (not asking for studies, I'll take your word and I'm sure the rest will also since you are a respected member here) why the ingredients of their proteins--in quantities that don't cross the line of "ridiculous pricing"--are so much better than that of others?

    I understand that possibly 100-200g of (insert Beverly protein product here) may be more beneficial than 100-200g of GNC brand protein. As to how much, I don't really know. Hell, really, a similar comparison between Nitro Tech and GNC protein would show that Nitro Tech is better. In the real world, though, hardly any of us are in a "price is not an issue" situation, and the value of a product is dictated by more factors than just its intrinsic anabolic/weight loss/whatever value. Price is huge in there...and it seems like the Beverly-heads are right in that it's high quality, but I think they'd need to rethink it if you think it is of a higher value than something else.

  12. I'm curious to know what the hell Beef Plasma is supposed to do in support of muscle growth.

  13. We should analize BI Liver tabs & Universal's.....

    But I couldnt find the exact ingredients in BI's liver tabs. All I can say is.... 500 tabs of Universal's = $10. 500 tabs of BI's = $34. That makes it a tough choice huh. Granted BI is high quality, but Universal's has worked time and time again for me, and 95% of the people who's used them, no since in paying 3 times more for something else, very similiar.

  14. Universal= .84 gms per pill
    Beverly=2 gms per pill
    And I pay $29, but hear they can be bought for less online.

  15. Originally posted by John Benz
    Universal= .84 gms per pill
    Beverly=2 gms per pill
    And I pay $29, but hear they can be bought for less online.

    Maybe you can share the site..........

    Not that I'll switch, just cant afford $30 for something I get for $10. I know BI's are gram for gram bigger, but when you take 16-18 Uni-Liver, that all becomes null. I know 1fast sells them for $34, thats probably the cheapest I have seen them. Regardless, Uni-Liver is prefered over BI, much more cost effective.

  16. Below are a few testimonials on Beverly products. I could list hundreds more, but these pretty much sum it up. Beverly is a small family owned business with quality control unmatched by any other protein maker. They lab test each batch of protein before thjeir label goes on, and you can get their liver tabs for around $27 at Buy 2 and shipping is free.

    And BTW, if you try these products you won't look back, unless you are broke, and simply can't afford them. But to state they are not noticeably better, and not well worth the additional price, is ludicrous. YJ, you must have tried those liver tabs very, very recently, as you told me on the phone 2 weeks ago you had never touched a Beverly product and never would.

    Originally posted by Jonesy
    I have been to Beverly to get my body evaluated and a diet plan made up for free. They even worked with me on posing. I have used Muscle provider, Ultra size, Ultra 40's, mass aminos, ZMA, Abtioxidants...pretty much about all of their products. The Chocalate Muscle provider is awesome! I am currently using the Mass Maker protein, ultra 40's, mass aminos and ther ZMA. Working great for me!
    They know what they are talking about and only use quality ingredients. I also thought their stuff was expensive at first but I notice better results with their products. Have friends in the gym that have used only their products and diets and have won competitions. Guess it's one of those things that you just have to try before you knock it
    Originally posted by onebadman
    I use Beverly exclusivley at this point. Over the last 6 months - 1 year I have slowly replaced everything else I was taking with Beverly products. The reason - I have experienced better results with their supps over all others I have tried.

    I'm not a beverly sales rep so don't think I'm trying to convince anyone to buy their product. If you do or don't it really won't matter to me at all. I wanted to share my experience with those who wanted to know about beverly. I've used optimum, prolab, metrx, eas, ast, and many other supp companies over the 18 years I've been training. It's not mental or placebo for me - I know my body all to well. Every meal, every gram, every calorie each day is accounted for, I am hardcore into bodybuilding and at least for me it is well worth the extra money because of the results. This isn't [email protected] muscle tech we're talking about this is Beverly. There rep wasn't built on marketing hype or guys like me touting them. As a pro once told me and I quote, "switching from optimum to beverly is like going from a big mac to a steak." That's why even though pro's hype other products in ads - every Mr. O over the last 15 years actually uses beverly proteins - just ask around and you'll here the same things I'm saying. Or better yet try them and you'll see for yourself. If you're just dabbleing in the sport and not totally serious then maybe go with cheaper but never dream it's a contest when it comes to results.
    BTW, is super is even bigger now, and is current Teen Mr Buffalo 2002. His thread is below.****21184 quote:
    Originally posted by toolegit2quit
    I've found the beverly supplements to honestly be superior. Throughout my precontest dieting I have gone from 194 and 12% bodyfat to 179 and 6.5% bodyfat - a drop of only 3lbs of lean body mass which most competitive bodybuilders know is truely a tough feat. 4 weeks to go! I've been using their ultra size, mass aminos (4 per meal) and ultra 40 (4 per meal). Expensive supplements but I've become a believer of the company's "no nonsense" marketing stance. Give them a try - especially 4 ultra 40 with every meal.
    Originally posted by ken361
    I have been using nlarge for awhile pretty good results but when i went on bev mass maker and ultrasize my stength and pump went straight up!!!

  17. I have seen all these before, several times. Im not doubting their quality or if they work, I know first hand they work, but for the cost, just not worth it to me. is a great online store, thats 1K tabs for $54 (which really isnt too bad, especially when you throw in free shipping) but $20 for 1K tabs of Universal and Ive posted testimonials time and time again, so for me, Uni-Liver is untouchable as far as cost effective goes.

  18. Originally posted by John Benz

    And BTW, if you try these products you won't look back, unless you are broke, and simply can't afford them. But to state they are not noticeably better, and not well worth the additional price, is ludicrous. YJ, you must have tried those liver tabs very, very recently, as you told me on the phone 2 weeks ago you had never touched a Beverly product and never would.

    Actually I tried them quite awhile back after your raving of them, worked good, just as good as Uni-Liver, no sense in paying 3 times as much for the same results, dont make this personal John.

  19. Even may be higher quality than a lot of stuff...but be realistic. For one, it can't be SO MUCH higher quality that it's lightyears beyond other protein. For the extra price, which is equivalent online to GNC's MuscleTech stuff pricing...I really, really, REALLY don't think that paying $34.42 for 35 servings of 17g of protein, no matter how much higher quality, is going to give me better results than paying, for instance, $37.99 at 1fast for Optimum's Complete Protein Diet in which you get 40 servings, each with 35g of protein. That's $3.57 more for 4 more servings, each having more than twice as much protein in Ultra Size. Again, I was just using that as an example because I trust Optimum, among other companies, to put out good, high-quality products, and these are both protein blends.

    I really don't think it's biologically possible for the protein in Beverly products to be so far beyond "regular" protein from other companies that you can justify paying almost 3x the price sometimes.

    Again, it may be high-quality stuff, but I can stand 99.999% assured that the difference between the results you'd get on one versus the results on the other is that much different. Come on...refer to the previous statement that it's almost biologically impossible for that protein to be so much better than another high-quality blend.

  20. After thinking about this...I could sum up what all I'm trying to say by saying this: The example I gave above with Protein Diet vs. Ultra Size shows that you get more than twice as much for nearly the same price (some odd $3 higher). Are you really going to get better than TWICE the results from taking a whole jug of Ultra Size than you will from taking the whole jug of Protein Diet? I mean, are you going to put on more than twice as much muscle, or retain more than twice as much muscle on a cut, or what?

    The answer is hopefully a resounding "no" because I personally don't think it's possible by any means to get more than twice the results off two products that are so similar. If you agree with me, then you agree that no, the price is not justified.

  21. Kow, this is not personal. But there is a prinicipal here that is being missed IMO. Under your example above, the only factor is results. I'm with you personally, I prefer the best value for the money, BUT it is NOT only about results for some. Example. Some people can afford a Camry and others can afford BMW. Both cars will give you essentially the same RESULTS. Sure one may be a little nicer, little higher quality parts, etc. but in the end the results are going to be pretty much the same. So, is the guy who CHOOSES to buy the BMW not "justified" because he prefers to do so? Some people feel like the quality in Beverly, though maybe a small difference to others are worth buying it (a BMW) over the other (a Camry). It's a matter of choice not results.
    Last edited by windwords7; 03-22-2003 at 11:42 PM.

  22. Originally posted by windwords7
    It's a matter of choice not results.
    I personally agree, although it seems as though most testimonials and personal opinions in support of Beverly are of the "holy ****, my results were sooo much better with Beverly that I'll never go back!" variety... could be wrong, that's just the impression that I get from most of the examples that I see, both of the few posted over and at bbcom as well, among others... so I dunno... the real question does obviously involve more than one factor, but do the simple ingredients that make up these products ultimately justify the hugely increased cost to the marginally increased benefit? if you have more than enough disposable income to justify the cost/benefit for you individually, go for it I guess... doesn't seem economical really, and though I respect the car analogy (love cars), people buy high dollar cars for both personal gratification and the high profile flash/attention/statement it makes about you... I don't think simple protein etc supps occupy this same category exactly, as they won't be specifically visible (that is, an expensive car definitely symbolizes your worth, but high doller supps don't necessarily manifest themselves in a bigger/more ripped physique)

  23. ill be posting soon, i am a competitor in npc shows and have am switching over to beverly supplements completely, i manager a gnc so u know i can get what i want for cheap, after talking with the owner of golds gym in new tampa, he told me that this is the only protein his body could actually tolerate, all the others tore his stomach up. he does three shakes a day of the provider, and no problems or gas. he also said that the majority of the bodybuilders in golds there have switched and noticed a big difference in all lifts and body comp. now these arent just newbies they are trained lifters changin nothing but supplements. so im gonna tell you soon my the way, i know a beverly competitor and i swear this guy has literally transformed from five years ago...put on about 30 pounds of muscle ...maybe ill do the same.

  24. I've switched to Beverly over the last month. They are not cheap, but have plenty of deals. right now, you can get everything up to 40% off if you buy over $200 worth. I took advantage of this. Their proteins (muscle provider & ultimate muscle protein) taste much better than the others i've tried, and i don't have to take as much of it. Also, their customer service is amazing. the people you talk to on the phone know the products and aren't just order takers. also, because i live in ohio, i get the products delivered next day every time. it's easier and just as quick as heading to the store. did i mention the taste??? the cookies and cream flavor UMP is amazing. at the end of the day, it's just very clean and pure, and if you order correctly, it doesn't have to be much more expensive than other products. my biggest complaint is that they dont offer 5lb tubs of the proteins, so i have to order more frequently.

  25. if you can get their products at what they call gold club prices, it becomes a lot more cost effective.

    the problem that i have is the servings on the label are nowhere where they recommend in any of their diet and training methods.

    So it is still costly than others.

    You have to decide if it is worth it.


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