H5N1 Pandemic prep

  1. H5N1 Pandemic prep

    Ok, This just randomly crossed my mind last night. Being the synic that I am I this this thing is coming. I think most of us on this board have age/fitness/diet/supplement regimens that give us at least some edge. What I began to think about is what I could do for my family to get them through. I'm thinking that if it really hits the fan they will for once belive me about improved quality of life throught proper supplementation. Here is the short list I came up with during the morning drive. Any other suggestions??

    Custom's EFA complex
    Grape Seed Extract Powder
    Green Tea Powder
    Good Multi-vit
    Vitamin C

  2. You need something for immunity and general adaptation. I suggest whey protein concentrate, rhodiola, bacopa, ginseng, fo-ti, and the most powerful of all:

    RAW garlic. That's right folks. For the true benefit, you must eat it raw. I do this regularly. Toasted sprouted grain bread, organic butter, 3 cloves raw garlic, fresh basil leaves is the ultimate immunity sandwhich.
    MOTIV8 II Challenge
    -=The Big Squirrel Nut Swingers=-

  3. I doubt any supplement will help with the bird flu bro.

    Invest in a vaccine, not supps.

    Think about it: have any supps ever helped you with regular flu? They haven't for me.

  4. There are already three drugs that are being used to combat this particular strain of the flu. The most successful by far now is called tamaflu. The real issue is that there is no vaccine for the H5N1 flu that is bunching up everyone's panties. Hopefully the vaccine that is currently being tested will pan out, but it is not likely. There is really no way to know how deadly a human strain of H5N1 will be, but at this time the avian variety has killed nearly 60% of the people who have become infected. My plan is to head for the mountains with a rifle and a cow on my back!

    Edit: here is a link to the vaccine that is being tested:


    CDC updated here:

  5. Talking

    No supplement that boosts immunity will help you. In fact its not the flu that kills you, Its your own immune system. So for those of us with stronger immune systems are more likely to die. The people that will survive this the easiest are people 40 and over and 10 and under( I believe if I remember right). So my recomendation is get infected with AIDS and have a crappy immunity and voala your sick free.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Dungeon1
    My plan is to head for the mountains with a rifle and a cow on my back!
    Mad cow. You're ****ed either way it seems.

  7. Mad Cow has like a 30 year incubational period I think. I was gonna take like 500 cans of albacore tuna, but the Mercucy is probably worse than the Bovine CJD

  8. Colloidal Silver.

  9. I was eating lunch at a mexican place near where I work when something about this came on CNN. Two customers were listening with me. As the news broadcast went over past influenza pandemics I couldn't believe the ignorant **** coming out of these two idiot's mouths as they started to talk with each other. The best was when the broadcast gave stats for how many people died in the biggest pandemic. According to the female customer, "There weren't even that many people alive back then."

    Trust me, having a brain puts you ahead of most people in being able to survive this if it happens.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by jmh80
    I doubt any supplement will help with the bird flu bro.

    Invest in a vaccine, not supps.

    Think about it: have any supps ever helped you with regular flu? They haven't for me.
    I've never had the regular flu. So you could draw a couple conclusions from that.

  11. I've heard that some gear can boost immune function. What I'm thinking of specifically is sd and deca. I remember when sd first came out some people were talking about how people around them were getting sick but they weren't, even though they were in constant contact. Then, when I ran my first cycle, my whole family came down with something nasty. I didn't get whatever they had, even though they were in constant contact with me. I've also heard that Deca can boost immunity, that's why it's so good for AIDS patients. If it's one's own immune system that actually kills you though, then I guess we're all ****ed.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by massmonster
    I've never had the regular flu. So you could draw a couple conclusions from that.
    What conclusions could you draw? Did you take supplements when you were a baby? Have you ever been exposed to the reular flu? Does a bear **** in the.............nevermind.

  13. Avian Flu is apparently unusually dangerous to those who are normally immune to the flu, the Spanish Flu of 1918, an avian variety, killed a lot of young healthy people.

    The death projections I've read indicate between 80-360million deaths for a worldwide pandemic, which is still only 1.3-6% of the world's population. The bigger threat is how it would shut down the infastructure, how do you get people to go to work when they want to hide in their homes? Getting truckers to transport goods would be difficult.

    If a outbreak occurs, I have three boxes of Sambucol, a patented extract of Elderberry that MIGHT be protective, who knows.

  14. I think I should clarify, the intent of my origional post was in regard to components of clean living that could aid in avoiding contraction; not aid in recovery after you have already been infected.

    Dungeon1, whats your beef with my statement? I didn't take supplements when I was a baby, I undoubtedly have been exposed, and you sound like a jack.............nevermind.

  15. I didn't have beef with your post, I was questioning what conclusions you were drawing. If you make a statement in a thread about supplements and pandemic viruses then you should clarify if you are going off topic. I did not mean to offend you. I assumed that you were saying that you never got the flu because of your use of supplements or you were bragging about your superior immune system. Either way I was confused as to what conclusions you were drawing, but thanks for the neg rep anyway!


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