CHEMO's new weight loss pills

  1. CHEMO's new weight loss pills

    K who's tried them and how were the results?

  2. I do not believe the betas have been released yet bro. Last I heard it should be another week or so.

  3. Sorry about the delay. You all know how it goes . We are putting together the paperwork and getting everything ready to ship to the beta testers. You will be contacted soon...


  4. Update?

    Any update on Chemo's magic pill for weight loss?

    I'm sure it'll be kick ass!!!!

  5. Beta bottles should be going out next week. The beta testers who were selected will be contacted shortly


  6. When it hits for sale..
    Even though it can't be exact.
    How long would one bottle last, and how much would it be.

  7. That info will be released when we release the final product. Keep in mind that the beta bottles are for testing purposes, so things might change.



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