RYR - How much is too much?

  1. RYR - How much is too much?

    Are there any significant risks to taking too much RYR? My bottle (NOW) has a recommended dosage of 1-2 caps (600 mg ea) 1-2 times daily. That could be 2400 mg max daily, but from reading here I see most people are taking 1200 mg daily. Thanks.

  2. Well from the research i have done, some possible sides (though extremely mild) include headache, nausea, and gastro-intestinal discomfort. I don't see the problem bumping that high as far as sides are concerned, but it may be more cost effective to run another supp that is synergistic such as CoQ-10 and niacin supplements.

  3. I am using CoQ10 with it already, and may add some others to it soon. I'll stick with 1200 mg total ED, as that's given me very good results in the past. No need to spend extra money. Thanks.

  4. 2400mg is a common dose used in many studies. There wasn't any significant increase in sides and it did further improve cholesterol levels. That said I don't think it would be necessary to use that high a dose as the benefits don't justify such usage.

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