Need 3 testers for the new NeuroStim+C capsules

  1. Need 3 testers for the new NeuroStim+C capsules

    Scivation has recently reformulated and capsulated NeuroStim+C. We are looking for 3 people who are willing to give detailed feedback on the new formula. NeuroStim+C is great as a pre-workout booster or during times when increased focus is needed. I will pick the testers in a few days. Must be a US resident to apply.

    If you are interested, please post your





    Training experience:

    Training Schedule/Protocol:

    Cardio Schedule/Protocol:

    Current supplements:

    Current Diet:

    Short Term Goal:

    Long Term Goal:

    Prescription/Recreational drugs:

    Supplement history:

    Get High Levels Of Energy, Endurance And Mental Focus While Losing Fat!

    NeuroStim + C™ is scientifically formulated to give you the highest levels of energy, endurance and mental focus while helping you lose fat. NeuroStim + C will help propel you through the most grueling workouts and provide you with optimal energy levels and mental focus throughout the day. NeuroStim + C utilizes these new and exciting compounds:

    4 grams TyroLean™-Specific amounts of Choline, Tyrosine and ALCAR

    • Accelerates loss of bodyfat
    • Enhances mental focus
    • Increases endurance
    • Improves exercise capacity
    • Prevents adrenal burnout
    211 milligrams BrainDrive™-Proprietary Blend of DMAE, Huperzine A and Vinpocetine

    • Maximizes energy levels
    • Helps increase alertness and concentration
    • Enhances memory
    125 milligrams of Caffeine
    • Promotes fat burning during exercise
    • Works in synergy and amplifies effects of other components in NeuroStim + C
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  2. tattoopierced1
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    2 years of serious training
    M-Chest, T-Legs, W-Arms, Th.-Chest/Back, F-strongman event type training
    Cardio: none
    Omega Thunder, Whey Protein
    Diet I pretty much eat whatever I want and as much as I want as fat gain isnt a big factor for me. I consume around 4000 calories per day, mostly good foods like ground turkey, rice, etc..
    Short term goal, increase in overall size
    Long term goal, I would like to be around 250-270lbs
    Prescription drugs: HRT via my doctor, 100mg test cyp week.
    Supplement history: superdrol, 1-test, 4ad, whey protein, CEE, Omega Flex Support, Pro Liver

  3. Age: 23

    Sex: Male

    Height: 5'7

    Weight: 169

    Bodytype: Mesomorph

    Training experience: 5+ years

    Training Schedule/Protocol: Bulking for strength 3x/week - Sun, Wed, Thursday.

    Cardio Schedule/Protocol: None

    Current supplements: Whey/ Multi vitamin

    Current Diet: 3000 cal a day - see sig for diet.

    Short Term Goal: Gain strength, power.

    Long Term Goal: With new increases have a new weights for TUT training.

    Prescription/Recreational drugs: None

    Supplement history: Avant Labs - HEAT, Avant Labs - LipoDerm, Nutrex - Lipo 6

    I am thinking this would be great for focus and the extra push for lifting heavy weights and setting new goals.

  4. 26
    8 years of serious training
    Cardio 40 min daily 6 days a week at least split 20 in morning 20 after workout.
    Phera Plex, l arginine 6-9 gms daily divided in 2- 3 doses
    Current diet : 3000 every day- 3205 leg day.
    breakfast: oatmeal 60 grams protein
    midmoring protein shake
    lunch Subway chicken breast sandwhich with honey mustard nothing else. Muscle milk
    mid afternoon protein shake
    Dinner chicken sandwhich and salad
    pre workout liquid aminos by vitamin world
    pre bed muscle milk

    no prescription drugs.
    my goal is to get ripped !!! and maintain muscle mass that i have accumulated from emax lmg, and prostan. currently i weigh 240 16% bf i want to be leaner but still hold on to my weight of 240

  5. Age: 19

    Sex: male


    Weight:203lbs 23%bf

    Bodytype: 532 favoring endomorph

    Training experience:4 yrs.

    Training Schedule/Protocolush pull leg day type deal 3 or 4 days

    Cardio Schedule/Protocol:whatever i can manage my cardio sucks on my off days

    Current supplements:GF pro and a multi

    Current Diet: 4 meals a day(high protein low fat and low carb, try to stay with low gi carbs)

    Short Term Goal: get back down to a lean 185lbs and increase endurance

    Long Term Goal: slow work my way to a lean 200lbs and increase strength

    Prescription/Recreational drugs:none

    Supplement history: pretty much anything ive tried it but if it didnt work then i moved on and didnt really try any of its knock offs. and a couple PHs.


  6. Age: 20 (21 tomorrow)

    Sex: M

    Height: 6'0

    Weight: 181

    Bodytype: Endo

    Training experience: 1 year

    Training Schedule/Protocol: 5x/week; tut

    Cardio Schedule/Protocol: 4x/week of low intensity for 30 or 45 minutes

    Current supplements: whey, vitamins

    Current Diet: Body by (finished the program but will begin again in November)

    Short Term Goal: to drop bodyfat & retain muscle

    Long Term Goal: be about 210-220 and lean

    Prescription/Recreational drugs: none

    Supplement history: stacker 2 w/ephedra, green tean extract

  7. Age: 21

    Sex: Male

    Height: 5"9

    Weight: ~165 (my scale just broke)

    Bodytype: not sure

    Training experience: 6 years for self, 2 years to others

    Training Schedule/Protocol: I'm in Phase 2 of a program designed by Mike Mahler Looks like this:
    Day 1: Tuesday-Friday

    A-1: Bottom position bench press 5x5
    A-2: Bent-over row 5x5

    B-1: Weighted pull-up 5x5
    B-2: Military press 5x5

    C-1:Hammer curl 5x5

    Again do each pair in antagonistic fashion. Do a set of A-1, wait two minutes and then do a set of A-2. Wait two minutes before completing another set of A-1. After you have completed all five sets of A-1 and A-2, take a three-minute break and then move on to B-1 and B-2. Apply the same rest periods there.

    Day 2: Monday-Thursday

    A-1: Stiff legged deadlift 5x5
    A-2: Barbell squat 5x5

    B-1: 1 legged calf raise 3x8
    C-1: 50 rep calf raise

    Cardio Schedule/Protocol: I do high intensity trail running on non-lifting days as well as kung fu on Tues. Also, I bike about 14 miles to get to/from kung fu.

    Current supplements: Vendetta, ICE, vitamin C, occasional Diesel Fuel on days that I'm drained.

    Current Diet: Bulking fairly cleanly. Protein=beef, chicken, and whey. Carbs=bananas, oats, occasional dextrose/sucrose(Vendetta), various other fruits, sweet potatoes. Fats=fish oil, cream, coconut milk

    Short Term Goal: Gain at least 5 pounds lean mass by the end of Phase 2 and break 300 pounds on my 5 rep squat again.

    Long Term Goal: 170lbs at 8% BF with a hellenistic aesthetic.

    Prescription/Recreational drugs: None.

    Supplement history: You name it

    I also have a few logs here in the review section and many logs over at
    I was a big fan of the original Neurostim and am sad to see the tasty drink turned into a capsule. But, I am dying to return to that smooth energy again and try out the encapsuled version.
    MOTIV8 II Challenge
    -=The Big Squirrel Nut Swingers=-

  8. FYI, I will pick the testers tomorrow afternoon.

  9. Bigjoe and DSL PM me your addresses.

  10. how about a college level track runner?

  11. Quote Originally Posted by 400runner
    how about a college level track runner?
    I have 4 people testing NeuroStim+C (2 from this thread, 2 from the thread in our section).

    You want to test DuraBlast?

    Serving Size: 4 Capsules
    Servings Per Container: 30

    Amount Per Serving:
    Calcium (from Dicalcium Phosphate) 120mg 12%
    Phosphorus (from Dicalcium Phosphate) 92mg 9%
    Potassium (from L-Potassium Aspartate) 30mg 1%
    Propionyl-L-Carnitine 1000mg
    L-Asparagine 650mg
    Acetyl-L-Carnitine 500mg
    L-Potassium Aspartate 150mg
    Caffeine (USP) 125mg

  12. Quote Originally Posted by bigjoe15
    It wont let me PM, I dont have sufficient privilages. Can I PM you at or do you have an email addy I can send my address to?

    Send it to [email protected]

  13. yes i would love to test durablast. i was thinking of buying some, but wanted to read some feedback, but have found none. now i can test it and post some good feedback! email me at [email protected]

  14. Derek - I'd like to test Durablast!

  15. NeuroStim tester should be getting their bottles any day now.

  16. I received mine yesterday and will probably start a log tomorrow or sunday.

    Thanks for letting me test your product!!! I look forward to seeing how it affects


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