Needle/Vial question

  1. Needle/Vial question

    Ok guys, I'm interested in starting some injectable B12... i recently moved up north, and i get AWEFUL colds to begin with, and i can only imagine how much worse they're going to get. I found a research chem company that has some human grade injectable B12, and i'm getting 29G 1/2" Insulin pins, but i have a retard newbie question.... On the top of the vial theres the stopper thingy with the hole you stick the needle through... Now, i was wondering if in order to keep things totally sanitary if you replace the stopper/filter thing on top of the vial??? I know this isnt an "anabolic".. but it is an injectable, so i thought this would be the right place to post. Thanks for all ya'alls help! - J

  2. well just for your continued enjoyment of the board, I am going to move this to the correct forum because you haven't read the board rules or otherwise you would not have even posted in the anabolics section at all..
    and to answer you question NO you just wipe it with alcohol each time you before you pull any from it..

  3. sorry... my bad, thanks for the info bro.

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