So I just got back from my second workout using Energized Expand and it made me puke. I am thinking it was because I was on a pretty empty stomach but if anyone else has thoughts on to why it made me puke I wanna hear em because it didnt make me puke the first time I used it. I am using 3 grams of CEE everyday and a scoop of expand before workouts. The first time I used it was in the middle of the day so I had like 3 meals down already. Today I woke up at 7, had a banana and a scoop of ATW Whey, went back to bed till 8:15 got up had my expand and went to the gym at 8:45. I puked at 9sick: . Now Sunday is usually the only day I have to lift in the morning so does anyone have any advice on how to schedule my breakfast, lifting and expand? It most likely is because of the empty stomach right? I guess Ill find out for sure tomorrow as I lift legs and almost always feel like puking anyways. Today was chest and bi's on a side note. Also what could I eat before if I can only have one meal? I would think oatmeal would be good but that usually takes me like at least a half hour to eat as I dont really enjoy it, and I would prefer a fast meal in the morning so as to get as much sleep as possible . Thanks for any help!