Need a good sports bottle!

  1. Need a good sports bottle!

    This seemed to be the best forum for this. Move if needed.

    I've tried everything looking for a good sports bottle. I always bring my workout drink to the gym, but I've never been able to find one that doesn't leak! It is just so anoying. I'm not even talking shaker cup, just something that holds 24+ ounces and has a top that you can drink out of. Someone here has to have something that works good. What do you guys use? Someone give me a recommendation it's driving me crazy.

  2. Check out one of the Sporting Goods super stores (Dicks, Sports Authority, etc). They usually sell these unbreakable plastic bottles which are leak proof (usually used for hiking, etc). I grabbed a few of them and they work great.


  3. Gumbo-- Could you tell us exactly which brand didn't leak for you? Thanks.

  4. An alternative idea is to go to cycle shop for a water bottle. Typically any good bike shop will have all kinds of bottles: from cheap and ordinary, to leak-proof and insulated.

  5. You can view them on

    Search for:

    Mountain Gear Water Bottle - Slate Blue by Nalgene

    GSI Outdoors 32 oz. H2O! Lexan Bottle

    I have another brand, but can't recall the exact name. Nalgene is usually the best...they are unbreakable and leakproof.




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