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    ok gang what do you guys think of getting these two mixes. i have heard good reviews about the night time formula from YJ i beleive. Has anyone tried this postworkout mix? also b/c of the Micellar Casein at night do you guys think i should still take whey when i wake up. since the casein should last roughly 7 hours?

    Night Time Anti-Catabolic Formula
    40% Micellar Casein
    30% Milk Isolate
    20% CFM Whey Isolate
    10% L-Glutamine
    9.43 a pound chocolate!

    Post workout shake
    50% CFM Whey Isolate
    25% Maltodextrin
    25% Dextrose
    5.48 a pound b/c chocolate flavor

  2. Looks good.

  3. The nighttime mix is thick as hell and very hard to drink. It's like trying to gag down chalky pudding. I'd just go with casein 40% whey 60% for taste. Or go with a premanufactured micellar casein that has anti foaming agents and stuff in it to make it more palatable.

    His anabolic postworkout shake is basically the same as Xtreme Formulations Relentless, and if you can afford it I would go with that. Its a great mix.

  4. What do you think about the micellar casein(from night before) replacing morning whey?

  5. I'd say optimally part whey (quicker) part others (slower) in the morning, but it's really up to you... depends on the other diatary variables too, but it doesn't matter too much... I have a little whey, some cottage cheese, etc...

  6. I'm about to go w/:

    60% MPI
    20% CFM
    20% Egg

    The way I figure, it costs quite a bit less than their stock formulation, you already get micellar from the MPI and get a different AA spectrum from the egg. Just a tad over $6/lb.

    I've already tried their MPI already and really like it as a pm protein.

  7. thanks for the help guys

  8. I use 50 Hydro Whey, 20 malto, 20 dex, 5 BCAA, 5 Glut Pep chocolate from customizer, it's fine by me, taste like a tootsie roll. Don't put extra money in the micellar mix, just get Milk Isolate, it is chalky but just use extra water or fluid, and let is set for about 3-4 hours, so just do the shake in advance. Milk Isolate is 80/20 casein/whey so it is perfect for nightime use. The guy at customizer even said it was the most economical way to go for micellar casein. Choc is good, vanilla pretty good.


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