55 yr old recovering from Hit-and-Run

  1. 55 yr old recovering from Hit-and-Run

    Hey guys this post is for my Dad. A little over a yr ago my dad was struck by a car- hit and run scenario, and suffered a fractured pelvis(2 places), severe scalp wounds(worst the ER had seen in my area), now has bursittis (sp) of the knee and has pain in his elbow and shoulder. The people that found him didn't think he was alive- he is though thank God. Well he is trying to pick up his workouts and get rid of some/much accumulated fat after being in a wheel chair for months. Also he is on HRT i suppose--the testosterone gel you rub on body(is this dose sufficient?? im skeptical just because its not injectable). So far i have gotten him Rebound XT, Glucophase XR, and Cissus RX. Considered possibly Ectotropin from IBE but dont know if that is appropriate.. Just wanted to know how this sounds and if you would reccommend any additions? Also Cissus RX dose = 6 caps a day->enough?? REbound XT 2 caps a day=50mg (half in morning and half at night), glucophase 15 min prior to meals. HE doesnt like stimulants.

    On another note- my grandpa- 80+ years old says he has nooooo energy- i was thinking Antioxidant+Alcar+chocamine? What are your thoughts for an older than older man. I want to improve his quality of life-especially energy. Thanks


  2. Exclamation

    Don't try and be a doctor for both your father and your grandfather. I know you have good intentions and all , but " the road to hell is paved with good intentions." Don't add anything to your fathers supplementation before asking his doctor first. I say this because you don't want him to undergo any unwanted, or harmful, side effects from mixing drugs that they give him and supplements that you give him.

    Just my two cents.
    Take Care

  3. I would suggest getting back into working out naturally. Too much too fast is never good. After he is well established again the supps can be added in. First thing in the morning, brisk walk on an inclined treadmill, and a sensible diet is ALL you need to lose fat, really! BTW- what meds is he on?

    For your GP- an improved diet, a multi, and a basic workout/cardio program may be all he needs. I'll bet if he took a walk/jog first thing in the morning and ate a bunch of carbs energy throughout the day would be greatly improved.

  4. Hypo is spot on. After those bases are covered you could consider sublingual or injectible B12 for your GP and your dad. B12 is becoming a staple med for the elderly.

    Lots of fish oil and natural, high gamma vitamin E.

    One or two Emergen-C's a day is always good.

    The Cissus might be nice for both as well. Celadrin may be of use for their arthritis.

    ALCAR is nice for aging minds.

    Good luck with taking care of your dad and GP. I know it can be tough, hang in there.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by hypo
    BTW- what meds is he on?
    He isnt on anything for his injuries as he is supposedly recovered. He takes a cholesterol reducing medicine and some mood meds(lexapro/wellbutrin), and that topical prescription test gel...which i havent heard anyone say does much-hopefully gets him back into normal test range(although he says he doesnt notice much)....but i keep urging him to get another blood test to see where his testosterone levels are.

    PS- oh my grandpa just shuffles around..slowly. i dont think he would take up exercising or injections (my grandmother has bought him a cardio machine or two but they are never used) he has a hard enough time walking around. he is closer to 90 than 80...i just want something to give him a boost as i dont know how much longer he will be around.

  6. Your dad doesn't need Rxt for sure, test gel works just fine, get some DHEA and fish oil for your grandpa.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by DmitryWI
    Your dad doesn't need Rxt for sure, test gel works just fine, get some DHEA and fish oil for your grandpa.
    DHEA - what doseage for a 80+ yr old and would it be oral(prob the only way he'd take it) Wondering if there is anything to oral DHEA and interference with cholesterol processing/buildup in liver? I Remember reading something about that.

    Also what do you think he'd notice with fish oil? energy? or just possible mental benefits? i take 4-6 grams of fish oil a day- how much for G'pa?

    I know i really like ALCAR and my friends swears by ALCAR and Chocamine....how do those sound for my grandfather?

    Thanks Guys

  8. ALCAR sound good too, DHEA 100-200mg for starters and see how it goes, I woudn't worry about cholesterol problem from DHEA, Fish oil is good pretty much in every way, cholesterol, joints, just overall health benefits. 10g a day maybe more.

  9. I'd probably leave out the chocamine and just go for the ALCAR at about 2 grams per day. Chocamine effects can vary a lot. It can either make me feel really good or totally over stimulate me..and I can never predict which is going to happen. ALCAR is always tried and true..and it has a lot of cognitive benefits for the elderly.

    DHEA..I'd start at about 50 mg per day and work up a little at a time until he notices some benefits.

    Fish oil is just terrific for health maintenance, disease prevention, it protects teh brain, heart and eyes from oxidative damage..and well, it does about a million good things so read up.

    Search, read up and read up some more.

  10. The proper way to use DHEA, any hormone, is to start at a reasonable dose, 50 mgs would probably be about right for someone that old, and do a ~$35 blood test peroiodically to gauge it's effect on bloodlevels.

    1-2 grams of of combined DHA and EPA, the Omega-3 fats, should give the brain and cardio benefits without the possible negative effect on immunity that David Tolson covers somewhat in his article at Bulk.

    I would personally recommend considering Green Tea Extract, Grapeseed Extract, Piracetam and kr-ala, the pottasium bound form of R-Lipoic Acid and Melatonin, all are fairly gentle and probably beneficial.


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