1. GXR vs RALA

    I have always been a partial responder to RALA so I recently have tried GXR for the past 1.5 weeks at the starting dose of 1 cap twice daily. I'm Type II diabetic so I monitor my blood sugar readings consistently and have a pretty strict and consistent diet. So far I have noticed less effect with the GXR than even the RALA (Bulk Nutrition Brand). I was extremely hopeful that GXR might enable me to continue to improve insulin sensitivity and give me a wider range of food choices through it's insulin lowering properties. Anyone have any suggestions on making this product more effective? If the GXR works similarly to RALA than the cost is prohibitive and I probably wasted some money. All responses and thoughts appreciated.

  2. What dose of R-ALA were you using, and what dose of GXR have you been using?
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  3. Usually 200mg RLA 3x daily Bulk Nutrition Brand, Dosage of GXR is 1 cap (200mg) 2x daily. Diet usually stays under 100g carbs a day but not ketogenic. I definatley havent' noticed a huge drop in blood sugar but that could be from a lack of insulin sensitivity? 6'1, 250 if that matter for dosage.

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