Where to buy Glycerol?

  1. Where to buy Glycerol?

    Do any of the board sponsers carry powdered glycerol? If not, where can I buy some?


  2. They don't carry it anymore. Matt is getting away from powders...
    Anyone else know where to find it?

  3. hmmm...........

  4. Nobody knows?

  5. In my search, it seems that the terms glycerol & glycerine are interchangeable. If this is the case, NutraPlanet has some liquid available http://www.nutraplanet.com/product_i...roducts_****804

    You might also check Lemelange.

    Oops, I just reread the original post and saw that you are looking specifically for powder. Sorry, my response doesn't help.
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  6. Yope, Glycerol = glycerine.
    Whey do you need glycerol in powder form?

  7. make nitro glycerin. No2 and glycerine... he gonna blow stuff up

  8. LOL, I can use the liquid. Thanks for the link, DiamondDave. That's the best price I've found it for. Now I just need to find out how much to get. I mainly wanted the powder because I know how I want to dose it. I don't know how much glycerine to use for my upcoming DNP cycle.

  9. Does anyone know what type of dosing for glycerol in regards to just using it for a pump?

  10. Pirate,

    Stryder is a great guy, always willing to help. If you e-mail him on his sight or post in the NutraPlanet forum on this board, he'll probably look and see if the label has dosing information. Otherwise, since there is no extra ingredients, you might be able to figure it out by researching the molecular weight, density, etc. But, I'd try asking stryder first. He can probably help you out.


  11. Quote Originally Posted by PirateFromHell
    I don't know how much glycerine to use for my upcoming DNP cycle.
    Make sure you find out man...

    Also check local endurance stores. Places triathletes go yo buy Cytomax, gu, cute lil shorts and what not. They will have some.

  12. I just saw that CNW has the GMS powder back in stock!!!

  13. When, as far as pre and post workout, and how much glycerol should be taken.

  14. read my sig

    u dont need it post at all. not necessary.


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