ON protein flavors

  1. ON protein flavors

    anyone tried the new tropical punch or rocky road? chocolate or choco/mint are two that i know are good....cookies and cream sucks.

    just wondering how the two new flavors compare as far as taste and mixability.

  2. The Rocky Road is good. Probobly my favorite. The tropical punch is ok but gets old REAL fast so I wouldn't reccommend it.

  3. I like them both, the tropical punch tastes kind of like a less sweet hawaiin punch to me.

  4. do you guys mix punch with water?

  5. Tropical Punch with lemon lime gatorade is the ****

  6. mint and rocky road is the bomb but the cookies and cream taste like chock.

  7. Rocky road is amazing, I could drink that stuff all day. The only problem I could think of with it is if you are one of those guys that likes to mix a bunch of stuff like PB, bananas, etc etc in with their shakes. In other words, I dont think rocky road is a versitile flavor, but it is awsome by itself.

  8. Mint Chocolate, Rocky Road and Strawberry are great... Cookies & Cream I had to choke down.. afterall, 5lbs of protein can't be wasted!


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