optimum tribulus

  1. optimum tribulus

    in addition to my pct for superdrol, im taking 1250mg of optimum tribulus 625. 1 in the a.m and 1 at night before bed. if you guys look at some reviews on bulknutritions about this product, one guy said that he actually got shutdown and needed some pct. i thought trib was suppose to help out test a bit? am i doing more harm then good at this point?

  2. everyone loves it but there was one guy a while back that got some bloodwork done and showed it shut him down too. maybe dr d can enlighten us.

  3. IMO, Trib is vastly over rated for any sort of PCT application. It can enhance workout intensity..at least for me..but there are some studies indicating that it is not good for long term use. For me the effects really seem to fizzle out after a few weeks of use...even in the libido department.

  4. coronas, are you only taking two pills a day? if so i would bump it up to around 4g ed....you will definately notice it

  5. A friend of mine needs ATD when he takes tribulus or he gets itchy nipples



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