a companys mistake?

  1. Thumbs down a companys mistake?

    ****just my 2 cents*****

    hmm a new mistake a certain company(wont name)
    decides to come on the board and lie to everybody about discontinueing a "product" feeding everybody **** lines about how the compatition will also have to discontinue their versions when in real life they were full of it it was all planed thats why they marketed the same product with less in it for the same price driveing up prices when they got tons of people hanging off their nuts, now dont get me wrong they make good supplements but ill be damned if i going to get my "product" taxed like this when i can choose between a few diffrent companys with better prices one sells for about 40$ for 90caps and another sells 100 for about 50$. But they have people totaly up their ass that they bash any other manufacturer that comes out with anything now i know that this sounded like a bunch of bashing but it wasnt i just would like people to be aware of some of these horrorable business pratices, some might agree with this post,some might flame me and all of that is fine i am just telling it as i see it thanks

  2. Be prepared to be banned.

  3. see you around and thanks for your groundless and stupid opinions

  4. So they discontinued it who friggen cares its not your company or your decisions

    You said it yourself you know of alternatives just buy their products instead then

  5. well 1 minute late LOL



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