My ErgoMax LMG vs Max LMG Experiences

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    My ErgoMax LMG vs Max LMG Experiences

    Ok, here is my experience with these 2 products.

    1.) Gains were better on Max LMG, both in strength and bodyweight.
    2.) Libido got boosted on ErgoMax LMG, got supressed on Max LMG.
    3.) Shrinkage was minimal to none on ErgoMax LMG compared to moderate on Max LMG.

    So in my body, Max LMG is a stronger anabolic than its higher regarded predicessor. Im coming off the cycle next week ( at 4 weeks ), I have 10 days worth of Max LMG sitting around, I think I will use it to finish things off since I dont really have any signs of being shut down. Then the cabinet will be bare until Spring.

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    short and sweet, i like it.

    good thing for you is you have a nice anabolic that works very well for you which you can stack with pretty much anything.

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