1. Thumbs up CET

    Recently got some Creatine Ethyl Thunder from Custom. He was having a special sale so I decided to give it a shot, figured what the hell its 11 dollars. I have never responded well to creatine but I am really liking this stuff. 3 caps pre-workout and 3 caps post-workout gets the job done. Noticeable increase in strength after one week and the pumps are kind of starting to hurt in my shoulders Just wanted to give this product two thumbs up and thanks to Custom for putting out a good product since his forum is closed down. If no other creatine has really impressed you in the past give this one a shot.

  2. Bah can someone move this to Reviews and Feedback? It's early and meant to post this up last night. Ive only had 1/2 cup coffee so far.

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